Goddess Voxbox from Influenster

I’m so excited! I just joined this new group of reviewers at Influenster. It’s awesome. I get a box of goodies sent to me for FREE!! And I’ll I have to do is give my opinion on them! This month the box of goodies was called the Goddess Voxbox. It had all kinds of stuff in it to make you feel like a goddess. There was toner from Dickinson’s, shampoo from Pantene, nail polish from Sinful Colors, smelly good greatness from Downy, nail polish remover awesomeness from Cutex, protection from Always, and info on Ebates.

SO….what did I think of my goodies??? Well…here you go…

The witch hazel toner from Dickinson’s was nice. It felt cool on my face and didn’t dry it out. However, I’m partial to toner from another company. I gave it to my daughter and she loved it. She had been complaining about her face feeling dry and since she started using it, I haven’t heard any more about it.

I also got to try some of Pantene’s Expert Intense Hydration shampoo and conditioner. WOW! It really does make your hair feel softer and less dry. I have colored hair and even with color safe shampoo and conditioner it winds up feeling dry and crackly very quickly after washing. I was very impressed with how long my hair remained soft even after styling.

The nail polish from Sinful Colors was the from the Kylie Jenner collection. It was a matte polish which I originally didn’t think I’d care for. I don’t often polish my finger nails, but during the summer my toes are always looking nice. So I tried it on them. It’s been over a week now, and it still looks amazing! This is definitely something I would purchase!

Downy Fresh Protect beads were also in the box. I’m not one to use stuff the has scents in my laundry. But I tried it anyway. And…wouldn’t you know it, I forgot the wash in the machine….for nearly 24 hours. Well, it’s summer and my laundry room is in the basement.Normally, it would stink to high heaven after 24 hours sitting in there. It didn’t! It smelled nice and fresh and I was able to throw it all right in the dryer. It came out of the dryer smelling nice and fresh too.

Probably one of my very favorites was the  nail polish remover pads from Cutex. They worked great. Quick and easy. But especially…..no MESS! I have 2 daughters, who love to paint their nails, but I don’t trust them with bottles of nail polish remover! There’s nothing to spill with these! They can go right back in the packet when your done and get thrown in the trash!! Totally amazing.

I’m not one to openly talk about that time of the month. But…Always sent a box of their new Radiant pads with wings.  I don’t normally care for wings…they are pokey and uncomfortable. So I’d rather not have them. Not so with these. The material they are made with is soft and comfortable. Plus…it says it holds 10x it’s weight!! These just might replace my current product.

All in all, I’d this box was a winner! Thanks for all the freebies Influenster! Can’t wait to get my next voxbox!


Younique Sunless Tanning Spray

So…..once again when my friend Tammy asked for someone to check out a new Younique product, I jumped at it!! I am a ghost. So anything that makes me look less ghost like, I’m all for. That fact that it’s a product from one of my favorite companies, is a definite bonus.

You’ve got 3 choices, a lotion, a spray or an instant bronzer.  The bronzer washes off in the shower. I wanted something that would last longer, so I didn’t choose it.The lotion was what I was looking at, but it was on back order. So I went with the spray. I actually think it was more appropriate for what I wanted anyway. I didn’t want to go home ghost white and show up at work and everyone think—oh she got a fake bake tan last night. The spray from what I’m told is a lighter tan.


   My New Spray.


Tiny but mighty.

So when I got the bottle of spray, I must say I was a bit surprised. It’s tiny, as you can see in the picture there by the soda can. So instantly I messaged Tammy and said “I sure hope a little goes a long way with this.” She assured me it did. She said it covers an entire body twice. Well….I’m only spraying my legs (I run so I’ve already got some color on my face and arms-yes I use sunscreen!!) She figured I get 4 or 5 applications at least.

So off I went to make sure my legs were clean, dry, exfoliated and shaved. I hopped out of the shower and sprayed my legs, rubbed in the spray and washed my hands. I just used a light spray I wasn’t sure how dark it would turn me. Well….first things first….that stuff dries almost INSTANTLY!! Oh hallelujah! Finally a spray tan I can use and get dressed right away!! Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I noticed a change within seconds. Then I checked back 15 minutes later and an hour later. It was slight, but it was there.

This is what it looked like 24 hours later. I was a happy girl. Now…it might not look like much to you. But…to me it was exactly what I wanted. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a runner. I occasionally have to tape my legs due to shin splints. Well….when I pulled the tape off, the tan came off with it. Which, I completely expected, it happened when I had a spray tan done as well. But, the great thing is, I’m probably the only one who would notice it and reapplication of the spray worked great!

I’m sold! I love this stuff! If you want to learn more, contact Tammy Ward at www.lashgirlparty.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mompreneur2?fref=ts

Review or Sample Copy


I was given the opportunity to do a review for Purely. They are a direct sales company that sales products related to and including essential oils. I spoke with Dianna Anderson (https://www.facebook.com/diana.anderson.585559) one of their consultants.

After reviewing her website http://bepure.ly/index.aspx I decided that I’d love to try their bath bar. First Dianna sent me some small samples of both Relaxation and Shield, while I was waiting on the full size bar of Relaxation. Relaxation is described as “Relax Bath Bar contains essential oils that help promote relaxation and stress relief.” I’m a mom of 3 kids! I can definitely use that!! The Shield Bath Bar “contains essential oils that help support your immune system and cleanse impurities.” The Relaxation sample had a very strong smell, even in a tiny sample. The Shield Bar smelled strong as well, but it was more of clean scent.

purely soap front

When I got the full size bar of Relaxation, it had the same strong smell as the small sample. It has a combination of lavender and bergamot oils in it, I’m guessing that’s what I was smelling. I know some people really like the smell of bergamot, but apparently I don’t. Shortly after I received the bath bar I was at a shop that had bergamot soap. I didn’t care for the smell of it either.

However, it was a very pretty bar. The unique blend of ingredients marbled thru it and it’s unique shape from being hand crafted made it very pleasing to look at. It is a 4 oz. bar, that makes it slightly smaller than a store bought bar of soap for those of us who can’t visualize 4 oz. of soap (yup, that’s me too). It didn’t dry out my skin as some soaps do, likely because it’s made with goats milk and olive oil. It lasted about 2.5-3 weeks.

Purely soap back

It’s priced at $12 a bar which from what I’ve seen in hand crafted soaps is on the higher end of the price range. Similar soaps range in price from $4 up from what I’ve seen.

Purely has a ton of other products as well. They have everything from olive oil for cooking to men’s body care and they have individual essential oils as well. If you’d like to learn more about Purely and their products feel free to contact Dianna and I’m sure she’d be glad to help you out.

*I recieved this product for free in exchange for this honest review.*

Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette #1 Review

Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette #1 Review

Addiction Palette

Ok, so my girl Tammy asked if anyone wanted to review the new Younique palette. And of course I said YES!!! Oh MY WORD!!!! This thing is SO awesome. First off, I prefer pressed eye shadow to loose, but hey- Younique has such a great product I let it slide when I ordered my pigments. But NOW!!!! They have pressed eye shadow in 3 great palettes with 3 great color choices. I chose number 1 because I prefer neutral colors. But it was a tough choice.

So….how do I love the palettes…let me count the ways.

Number 1

  1. Pressed powder
  2. Amazing Color
  3. Look at all the color choices in one palette
  5. Day to Night in one little palette
  6. And on and on and on

Seriously I can’t say enough about this little gem. My cousin got married this fall and we had to travel to the wedding. It was an evening wedding so I got up put my make-up on went on with my day. When it came time to get ready for wedding I just added a little more eyeshadow (another color, not that the other had worn off) and I was ready to go!! Plus, only having to pack that one little palette vs all my other eye pigments. Yup!! Definitely the way to go. I also work out multiple days a week. I have to head to work straight from the gym. Having the convenience of the palette is almost priceless. Plus it has this great mirror in it so I can see up close what I’m doing!! It’s kind of hard to put on eye makeup with glasses on…and contacts are not my friend.

So if you are looking for a great way to look great, and have it be functional and just plain amazing you MUST check out these palettes!! You can learn more at https://www.youniqueproducts.com/oneeyedmomma/business Or you can check her out on Facebook at , https://www.facebook.com/mompreneur2

WAHM Reviews

Plexus Review with Leslie Reichert

WAHM Reviewer-Cecily Butler

Plexus with Leslie Reichert

On Feb 23rd of this year I started my most recent attempt at getting healthy. Our community had a Biggest Loser Challenge. During  the challenge I lost 13lbs and around 20”. I continued my healthy lifestyle changes and kept working out (I work out 5 days a week around an hour a day). I kept slowly seeing improvements. I got stuck though. I couldn’t reach that 20lb mark. It was right there, sometimes even less than 2lbs away. I was frustrated. Even my inches lost were stalling. I’d seen my childhood friend posting all these pictures of herself and her husband (also a childhood friend) on Facebook. She kept singing the praises of Plexus. I saw a lot of other people posting the same type of pictures.

So….I sent her a message and asked what‘s this Plexus stuff all about. She filled me in on how Plexus had changed her life. I mentioned to her that I did product reviews and asked if she’d want one done for Plexus. I had seen 3 day and 7 day type things mentioned on Facebook I thought. Well, she got back with me and said yes, but she wanted me to try it for a month. SO….of course I said yes.


I was interested in Plexus for multiple reasons though. I’d seen so many success stories for people not only losing weight, but the blood pressure and blood sugar numbers improving and even many who were able to rid themselves of migraines. So you can bet, I was super excited when just 3 days later I had a package at my door from Plexus. She sent me what they call the Tri-Plex Combo. It consists of the Plexus Slim (aka Pink Drink), the Probio 5 (probiotic) and the Bio-cleanse (a cleanse, lol). She gave me great instructions and I couldn’t wait to get started. I actually had my first Pink Drink that day when I got it. I must say I was a little leery about what it was going to taste like. I LOVED it. It’s got a fruity almost cherry type flavor. Kind of reminds you of Kool-Aid.


One of the things that impressed me the most is that Plexus products are all natural. No artificial anything! Plexus Slim only has a whopping 10 calories!!! That blew me away! I’ve tried other companies drinks that are supposed to help you with energy and weight loss. They all either had way more calories or artificial ingredients or both.

The energy I got wasn’t an overwhelming Speedy Gonzalez type of energy. I didn’t feel jittery or like my heart was racing. It was very natural. I just wasn’t tired. I didn’t feel like if I didn’t stop at 1:30 and lie down for a nap I was going to wind up on the ground sleeping anyway.

Now, this next part might be a little TMI, so close your eyes and read it anyway, (ha ha). The Probio 5 (PB5) and Bio-cleanse (BC) work together. The BC is a gentle cleanse that doesn’t make you spend your day in the bathroom or even right next to it. The PB5 works to make sure you don’t get any over growth of any bacteria and that you don’t clean out too much. Now, for a person that struggles with regularity (oh hush, you know you probably struggle too, or your momma does-so read on!) like I do this product has been amazing. I’ll just leave it at that, you can figure out the rest.

Another thing I really love about this product is that it’s super easy to take. You get up first thing and drink your Pink Drink. Then give it about 30 minutes and eat your breakfast. Now, this isn’t an issue for me because I don’t eat before I go workout. My workouts are pretty intense and I really don’t like seeing my food again after I’ve eaten it, so I wait. Then I don’t do another thing until bedtime. At bedtime I take the PB5 and the BC. That’s it, that’s all….no taking a fist full of pills before and after I eat, or making sure I take this or that at the exact right time of day. Super easy works really well with my life.

So I’d already been eating fairly healthy and working out like I mentioned. It took all I could do to wait until I’d been on Plexus for nearly a week to weigh myself. I was officially down, not just 20lbs but over 22!!!! I’d lost a few more inches too.

Then….I went on vacation….UGH, the death of most healthy lifestyles….nope not for me. I took my Tri-plex with me, and kept up with it. No, I didn’t eat “healthy” every single meal, but I didn’t stress over it either. When I got home, I had company, for the better part of a week, and then I left town again. During all this I also injured my foot and couldn’t work out like I had been and being on vacation my favorite gym couldn’t go with me (although I did manage to get a run in here and there). Any other time I’ve gone on vacation, I’ve packed the pounds right back on. And getting them back off has been three times as hard, well, at least it feels that way. I did gain back a few pounds, but they are almost all back off now. I believe I’ve got 1 lb. left and I’ve been home and injured for just 1 week.

Because I’m at the end of this month long trial I decided to weigh and measure myself. No, I didn’t lose tons of weigh or tons of inches, but with all my setbacks, I didn’t go backwards very far at all and I’m already headed back in the right direction. And I’ve lost a few inches in my body as well. Plus, even though my blood pressure was never bad before, it was better than it’s ever been the other day. I am still getting migraines but hey- nothing else I’ve ever used has completely gotten rid of my migraines. But I love that it’s worked to help tons of others get rid of theirs. I have great energy, I sleep great at night (huge plus) oh….this is really really big….PMS…is now nearly non-existent (even when staying at the in-laws and being in a van for 6+ hours with my hubby and 3 kids). Oh and did I mention that even though my scale and my measuring tape aren’t seeing a whole lot of changes yet, everyone I see is asking me how much weight I’ve lost and telling me how good I look. My boss even said I didn’t need to lose any more weight, lol!! One friend saw me the day before I left for vacation and the day I got back and swore I’d lost weight on vacation, lol. (Obviously the pics below are before, during and after…but you know, just in case)

 Before During Plexus After

Now, the really neat thing is along the way (like 3 weeks into my trial) I discovered my younger brother had been trying Plexus. Something happened a few years ago that has caused his face to swell. He has seen doctor after doctor and tried multiple medicines and nothing has helped and they don’t know what has caused it or how to fix it. His eyes look swollen shut most of the time. For the first time in 2 years he’s seeing some improvement. Now, he wants to give it a good 6 months to make sure it really is working, and I don’t blame him. But we’re all praying that this is the thing that will work.

I can tell you I really really like this product. I love the improvements I’m seeing in my life. I’m a happier  and healthier mommy and that means the world to me. If you want to learn more about Plexus and how it can help you contact my friend Leslie. You can reach her on her webpage http://www.reichert.myplexusproducts.com/ or thru or email PlexyLeslie@att.net, or via her cell 405-243-2303. 

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Younique with Tammy Ward

WAHM Reviewer-Cecily Butler

Younique with Tammy Ward

My friend Tammy put a request out on Facebook. She wanted a few ladies to do some reviews on Younique make-up. So of course I said I would! She let me choose which product I wanted to try. I’ve loved every Younique product I’ve used but I was super interested in their new Beachfront Bronzer. She helped me decide on which color would be best for my complexion. We chose Sunset.

Beachfront Bronzer

I must say I wasn’t overly surprised that I loved the product. It was a great way to add definition to my face, as you can see from my before and after pictures.

Before After

However, what did surprise me was its versatility. You can use it as a powder or even as eye shadow. I was super impressed the other day. I was running late and needed to get my make-up done quickly. I grabbed the Beachfront Bronzer, used it as an eyeshadow, and on my cheeks, forehead and nose. Threw on some Moodstruck eyeliner in Perfect and my Lucrative lip gloss in Lucky and was good to go! Probably 60 seconds total from naked face to make-up face. Check out the results!


Color me HAPPY!! If you want to know more about Younique you can check out Tammy’s webpage https://www.youniqueproducts.com/oneeyedmomma/business or find her on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/mompreneur2  You can also search for Tammy Renaye Ward! (Which I promise you want to do- this girl has some AMAZING make-up tips and videos!!)

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Review: Thrive by Le-vel with Lauren Lewis

WAHM Reviewer- Cecily Butler

Thrive by Le-vel with Lauren Lewis

I’ve done other product reviews for Lauren before. I super excited when she asked me to do a review for the new product she’s been using. She asked if I had ever tried Thrive, by Le-vel before. I had heard of it off and on in the direct sales circles I’m in but never really knew what it was. This is how she explained it to me

“(It’s a) 3 yr old company that helps fill in gaps of nutrition to your body so you can be at your peak level! A lot of vitamins/antioxidants/probiotics raw fruits/veggies all coming together through capsules mix and wearable nutrition and most people within 2-3 days feel increased energy higher metabolism less stress happier mood mental clarity joint support and more!”  (You can also check out her website at www.lewis1lk.le-vel.com )

Thrive fills the gapsThe Thrive Experience 

She asked if I’d like to do a review on it and I said SURE!! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I knew there were some kind of patches involved. When I got the package I had two packages of pills and 2 packages of a shake and 3 patches. The instructions were easy, and within 30 mins of getting up I was done with pills for the day!! This is a big thing for me because I get busy and forget to take them…..The patches can be worn in multiple places so you can show them off or cover them up. Just make sure it’s a clean firm area like your hip, thigh, or bicep. Oh, and it stays on for 24 hours.

Thrive instructions

Lauren told me that sometimes people notice a difference the first day and some don’t notice a difference until a few days in. So I was curious how long it would take me to notice. I started my 3 day trial on a Saturday. We got up and I took my pill, drank my half a shake (which I chose to do with water b/c I’m watching calories) and put my patch on my arm. The shake wasn’t bad, probably would have been better with milk or orange juice, but it was such a small amount that it wasn’t bad with just water. Plus, it blended well and wasn’t chalky. We worked in the yard and around the house most of the morning (usually I drag thru Saturday morning). Then we spent the afternoon at the river. I was a little worried that the patch wouldn’t survive sunscreen and river water, but it did. I didn’t even have a funny pale square on my arm after being in the sun all day. I felt good all day long, no midafternoon draggy time or anything.

Sunday was church, potluck and then the lake. I ALWAYS take a nap on Sunday afternoon. But…..nope. I was a little tired (who isn’t on Sunday afternoon and especially after a potluck) and figured I would snooze on the 45 min drive to the lake. No napping for me. I wasn’t even tired at all by the time we got the boat loaded. This time I put the patch on the upper back part of my hip. It survived too.

Monday was 2 pills instead of one. I put the patch on my thigh. I wore tight shorts as I had a kettlebell class that morning. The patch survived kettlebell. I was soaked with sweat by the time I was done with that class. I then came home, worked around the house and yard with my kids. Decided to run a mile (I don’t run…..ok, I’m starting to run, but I don’t really like it.) Spent the afternoon folding laundry and working around the house, even cleaned the kids’ rooms with them. Then, that evening I talked my hubby into a mile plus long walk…… Yes, he asked who I was and what I had done to his wife.

Thrive Thigh

Tuesday, my first day without Thrive…..went to cycle class, came home worked around the house, took the kids to swimming lessons, came home made lunch….crashed and took a 2 hour nap!

Why it works   Lifestyle miz

I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but it worked. I had amazing energy. Like crazy amazing. One of the things I like about this company is the products are 98% natural. Plus even though the price tag might seem hefty to some, there is a way to get it free….I’m really going to work on that!!

Oh- and while it has nothing to do with the performance of the product but to me it’s important!! He he. The patches come in several designs and colors. So if you want to wear them where others can see them, you can be cute and stylish too!!

If you want to learn more about Thrive and about how you can get a 3 day sample and try it for yourself contact Lauren at lewis1lk@gmail.com and remember to check out her website at www.lewis1lk.le-vel.com