Lessons learned when Looking back

I don’t really have time to be sitting here writing, but this has been on my mind a lot lately. So, I’m guessing God wants me to get it out there.

You know the verse that says “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle”. Do you sometimes wonder how He knows that you can handle more than you do? Even sometimes in the midst of an issue that is one you know you can handle, do you sometimes wonder why? I have, I still do. However, now I’m at a point in my life that I can look back and see the why’s on some things. Guess, that means I’ve actually got older enough that have something to look back that far on and remember.

Lately I’ve been looking back at our time spent in MI. We loved it there and had a blast the eight years we lived there. We made lifelong friends that became our family. But when we had been there about 2-3 years we knew we wanted to move back closer to our families. God decided to answer that request with, “Wait for another 5 years and 2 kids and then you can move back”. If we hadn’t stayed that extra 5 years there are lessons we wouldn’t have learned, friends we wouldn’t have made, experiences we would have missed out on.

Lately we’ve had the opportunity to draw on those lessons and experiences and help ourselves and others. We’ve known how to handle situations and be friends and the givers of advice based on our experiences. Lessons we learned from those who helped us and loved us along the way have now been passed on to others. God always knows the why when we don’t. It’s nice to be able to look back now and know myself, and to see that His was are always the best ways, and that ‘He knows the plans He has for us.’ I want to take a moment to encourage you and tell you that it is possible that one day you will be able to look back and see what was going on when God was teaching you.


Blessings in Disguise

This is a glimpse at the last 48 hours of my life….

Wed evening, stopped by the autoparts store to purchase a part for the van a/c, had the guy check the abs code that was flashing. Then Matt had to come home and fix the tires (just got them rotated and balanced on Sun) b/c the van was shaking.

Thursday picked up the van part (better deal at a different store, thankfully only about $30). Took K-man to the ortho, then back to VBS.  Got the Monkey- took her w/me to my cleaning and had her teeth looked at and “cleaned”. He has to have a tooth pulled (we expected that, he has an extra) and should probably got to Springfield (1.5 hours away) b/c it would be easier for him if he was sedated. The Monkey- has a cavity, she needs to go to the specialist (3yo monkeys don’t know how to sit still for fillings). All while driving I’m trying to see if the shaking has really stopped.

Meanwhile, I’m googling the abs code to see what needs to be done, looks like we need a $160 abs motor, but I’ve found instructions to check a couple of other things.

Thurs eveing, Matt fixes the van a/c, and fusses with abs and manages to fix it! While relaxing on the couch last evening we here a hiss….the a/c in the house went out……….

Today, take the kids to VBS, the Princess decides she needs to put on a show and act like she doesn’t want me to leave her side. Guess she thought I needed to feel needed….until I left and then she saw me later and said cheerily “Bye Mom!”ate breakfast w/a friend, call a local a/c repair guy, go work at school, go pick kids up from VBS, go out to eat b/c I am NOT cooking when there’s no a/c, while putting the kids in the car miss the return call from the a/c guy. Reach him about the time I pull in the drive. He’ll be right over. Matt comes home b/c he wants to learn all he can about the a/c. Get it fixed in 15 min flat, now I’m sitting here blogging.

So- do you see the blessings? No? Well I’ll tell you….

Matt had wanted to purchase a code reader that would have cost us nearly $200. Thankfully the parts store guy had one and read it for free. The a/c part was simple to fix and cheap $30. The abs wasn’t the $160 motor, it was a wire, and was free. I didn’t have any cavities! We have dental insurance and 2 of my three kids don’t have cavities. Even though there aren’t any specialist here, I live w/in 1.5 hours of a town w/shopping and kids dental specialist. I got to have an unexpected breakfast just my and my friend. The a/c is fixed and though it cost more than if we fixed it ourselves, Matt now has the knowledge to fix it himself next time and it didn’t mean a new a/c or new heater (especially b/c we heat w/wood). B/c we didn’t have to spend the funds on the abs or a code reader we had the funds to cover the a/c repair. Wow. What a way to be blessed!! Oh, did I mention I don’t have any cavities!!!

Stressed Out Mom Thoughts

Ok, I love my kids dearly. I was SUPER excited for them to be out of school. I’m not saying I’m ready for them to go back, but MAN would I love a vacation. For the most part they are getting along, but when they don’t- I’m ready to scream. I’d send them out to play all day but right now it’s too hot. I’ve let them play video games and watch TV more than I should already. Thankfully this week they’ve been attending VBS at a local church so I’ve gotten a short break during the mornings. But, it makes them tired and cranky and very short with each other. I think I’m going to go out of my mind. Guess what we are doing next week- I am driving them by myself to stay w/my in-laws. K-man is going w/his grandpa and the boy cousins to GG and Papa’s ranch in OK and the Princess is going to stay with her aunt and the girl cousins. I’m hoping the monkey will go too, but she’s my monkey right now and I’m not sure she’ll do that……I can’t believe it’s almost the last week of July. Summer is almost over and I’m not really sure what I’ve done the last few months, but it must have been super fun for it to go by this fast. Well, I’ve got more of that fun stuff to do so if you don’t hear from me, I’ve gone into hiding, changed my name from Mom and not told my children what it is, and I’ll be back when I wake up from my nap, and had a pedicure, – my feet look awful!! 

Changing Hats

I decided a couple of years ago that I needed more stuff to do. I needed to be actively involved in my life and my community. It was great and I enjoyed almost every minute of it, but it’s time has come and gone. That’s what happens in life things come to us for seasons I believe. So as of now I am no longer PTO president, and I am no longer a Weight Watchers employee. I’m pretty sure I’ve scaled back a few other things too. I decided I need to refocus. I’m still not quite sure exactly what the new focus needs to be or is going to be, other than hopefully a smoother running life with not so many irons in the fire. I will be going back to work part time in the fall, at my kids school and while my youngest is in school, so I’ll still get plenty of time with them. I just looked at the calendar and it isn’t going to be long before I start that new job so I need to get back into this search for a more simple life. I think menu planning is going to come in handy and having a better schedule for what to do when I am home (just don’t tell my hubby b/c he’s been suggesting that for about 9 years now, lol). So as I change hats again in this wild and crazy life keep checking back who knows what’s gonna happen next!!