Blessings in Disguise

This is a glimpse at the last 48 hours of my life….

Wed evening, stopped by the autoparts store to purchase a part for the van a/c, had the guy check the abs code that was flashing. Then Matt had to come home and fix the tires (just got them rotated and balanced on Sun) b/c the van was shaking.

Thursday picked up the van part (better deal at a different store, thankfully only about $30). Took K-man to the ortho, then back to VBS.  Got the Monkey- took her w/me to my cleaning and had her teeth looked at and “cleaned”. He has to have a tooth pulled (we expected that, he has an extra) and should probably got to Springfield (1.5 hours away) b/c it would be easier for him if he was sedated. The Monkey- has a cavity, she needs to go to the specialist (3yo monkeys don’t know how to sit still for fillings). All while driving I’m trying to see if the shaking has really stopped.

Meanwhile, I’m googling the abs code to see what needs to be done, looks like we need a $160 abs motor, but I’ve found instructions to check a couple of other things.

Thurs eveing, Matt fixes the van a/c, and fusses with abs and manages to fix it! While relaxing on the couch last evening we here a hiss….the a/c in the house went out……….

Today, take the kids to VBS, the Princess decides she needs to put on a show and act like she doesn’t want me to leave her side. Guess she thought I needed to feel needed….until I left and then she saw me later and said cheerily “Bye Mom!”ate breakfast w/a friend, call a local a/c repair guy, go work at school, go pick kids up from VBS, go out to eat b/c I am NOT cooking when there’s no a/c, while putting the kids in the car miss the return call from the a/c guy. Reach him about the time I pull in the drive. He’ll be right over. Matt comes home b/c he wants to learn all he can about the a/c. Get it fixed in 15 min flat, now I’m sitting here blogging.

So- do you see the blessings? No? Well I’ll tell you….

Matt had wanted to purchase a code reader that would have cost us nearly $200. Thankfully the parts store guy had one and read it for free. The a/c part was simple to fix and cheap $30. The abs wasn’t the $160 motor, it was a wire, and was free. I didn’t have any cavities! We have dental insurance and 2 of my three kids don’t have cavities. Even though there aren’t any specialist here, I live w/in 1.5 hours of a town w/shopping and kids dental specialist. I got to have an unexpected breakfast just my and my friend. The a/c is fixed and though it cost more than if we fixed it ourselves, Matt now has the knowledge to fix it himself next time and it didn’t mean a new a/c or new heater (especially b/c we heat w/wood). B/c we didn’t have to spend the funds on the abs or a code reader we had the funds to cover the a/c repair. Wow. What a way to be blessed!! Oh, did I mention I don’t have any cavities!!!


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