Changing Hats

I decided a couple of years ago that I needed more stuff to do. I needed to be actively involved in my life and my community. It was great and I enjoyed almost every minute of it, but it’s time has come and gone. That’s what happens in life things come to us for seasons I believe. So as of now I am no longer PTO president, and I am no longer a Weight Watchers employee. I’m pretty sure I’ve scaled back a few other things too. I decided I need to refocus. I’m still not quite sure exactly what the new focus needs to be or is going to be, other than hopefully a smoother running life with not so many irons in the fire. I will be going back to work part time in the fall, at my kids school and while my youngest is in school, so I’ll still get plenty of time with them. I just looked at the calendar and it isn’t going to be long before I start that new job so I need to get back into this search for a more simple life. I think menu planning is going to come in handy and having a better schedule for what to do when I am home (just don’t tell my hubby b/c he’s been suggesting that for about 9 years now, lol). So as I change hats again in this wild and crazy life keep checking back who knows what’s gonna happen next!!


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