Plexus Review with Leslie Reichert

WAHM Reviewer-Cecily Butler

Plexus with Leslie Reichert

On Feb 23rd of this year I started my most recent attempt at getting healthy. Our community had a Biggest Loser Challenge. During  the challenge I lost 13lbs and around 20”. I continued my healthy lifestyle changes and kept working out (I work out 5 days a week around an hour a day). I kept slowly seeing improvements. I got stuck though. I couldn’t reach that 20lb mark. It was right there, sometimes even less than 2lbs away. I was frustrated. Even my inches lost were stalling. I’d seen my childhood friend posting all these pictures of herself and her husband (also a childhood friend) on Facebook. She kept singing the praises of Plexus. I saw a lot of other people posting the same type of pictures.

So….I sent her a message and asked what‘s this Plexus stuff all about. She filled me in on how Plexus had changed her life. I mentioned to her that I did product reviews and asked if she’d want one done for Plexus. I had seen 3 day and 7 day type things mentioned on Facebook I thought. Well, she got back with me and said yes, but she wanted me to try it for a month. SO….of course I said yes.


I was interested in Plexus for multiple reasons though. I’d seen so many success stories for people not only losing weight, but the blood pressure and blood sugar numbers improving and even many who were able to rid themselves of migraines. So you can bet, I was super excited when just 3 days later I had a package at my door from Plexus. She sent me what they call the Tri-Plex Combo. It consists of the Plexus Slim (aka Pink Drink), the Probio 5 (probiotic) and the Bio-cleanse (a cleanse, lol). She gave me great instructions and I couldn’t wait to get started. I actually had my first Pink Drink that day when I got it. I must say I was a little leery about what it was going to taste like. I LOVED it. It’s got a fruity almost cherry type flavor. Kind of reminds you of Kool-Aid.


One of the things that impressed me the most is that Plexus products are all natural. No artificial anything! Plexus Slim only has a whopping 10 calories!!! That blew me away! I’ve tried other companies drinks that are supposed to help you with energy and weight loss. They all either had way more calories or artificial ingredients or both.

The energy I got wasn’t an overwhelming Speedy Gonzalez type of energy. I didn’t feel jittery or like my heart was racing. It was very natural. I just wasn’t tired. I didn’t feel like if I didn’t stop at 1:30 and lie down for a nap I was going to wind up on the ground sleeping anyway.

Now, this next part might be a little TMI, so close your eyes and read it anyway, (ha ha). The Probio 5 (PB5) and Bio-cleanse (BC) work together. The BC is a gentle cleanse that doesn’t make you spend your day in the bathroom or even right next to it. The PB5 works to make sure you don’t get any over growth of any bacteria and that you don’t clean out too much. Now, for a person that struggles with regularity (oh hush, you know you probably struggle too, or your momma does-so read on!) like I do this product has been amazing. I’ll just leave it at that, you can figure out the rest.

Another thing I really love about this product is that it’s super easy to take. You get up first thing and drink your Pink Drink. Then give it about 30 minutes and eat your breakfast. Now, this isn’t an issue for me because I don’t eat before I go workout. My workouts are pretty intense and I really don’t like seeing my food again after I’ve eaten it, so I wait. Then I don’t do another thing until bedtime. At bedtime I take the PB5 and the BC. That’s it, that’s all….no taking a fist full of pills before and after I eat, or making sure I take this or that at the exact right time of day. Super easy works really well with my life.

So I’d already been eating fairly healthy and working out like I mentioned. It took all I could do to wait until I’d been on Plexus for nearly a week to weigh myself. I was officially down, not just 20lbs but over 22!!!! I’d lost a few more inches too.

Then….I went on vacation….UGH, the death of most healthy lifestyles….nope not for me. I took my Tri-plex with me, and kept up with it. No, I didn’t eat “healthy” every single meal, but I didn’t stress over it either. When I got home, I had company, for the better part of a week, and then I left town again. During all this I also injured my foot and couldn’t work out like I had been and being on vacation my favorite gym couldn’t go with me (although I did manage to get a run in here and there). Any other time I’ve gone on vacation, I’ve packed the pounds right back on. And getting them back off has been three times as hard, well, at least it feels that way. I did gain back a few pounds, but they are almost all back off now. I believe I’ve got 1 lb. left and I’ve been home and injured for just 1 week.

Because I’m at the end of this month long trial I decided to weigh and measure myself. No, I didn’t lose tons of weigh or tons of inches, but with all my setbacks, I didn’t go backwards very far at all and I’m already headed back in the right direction. And I’ve lost a few inches in my body as well. Plus, even though my blood pressure was never bad before, it was better than it’s ever been the other day. I am still getting migraines but hey- nothing else I’ve ever used has completely gotten rid of my migraines. But I love that it’s worked to help tons of others get rid of theirs. I have great energy, I sleep great at night (huge plus) oh….this is really really big….PMS…is now nearly non-existent (even when staying at the in-laws and being in a van for 6+ hours with my hubby and 3 kids). Oh and did I mention that even though my scale and my measuring tape aren’t seeing a whole lot of changes yet, everyone I see is asking me how much weight I’ve lost and telling me how good I look. My boss even said I didn’t need to lose any more weight, lol!! One friend saw me the day before I left for vacation and the day I got back and swore I’d lost weight on vacation, lol. (Obviously the pics below are before, during and after…but you know, just in case)

 Before During Plexus After

Now, the really neat thing is along the way (like 3 weeks into my trial) I discovered my younger brother had been trying Plexus. Something happened a few years ago that has caused his face to swell. He has seen doctor after doctor and tried multiple medicines and nothing has helped and they don’t know what has caused it or how to fix it. His eyes look swollen shut most of the time. For the first time in 2 years he’s seeing some improvement. Now, he wants to give it a good 6 months to make sure it really is working, and I don’t blame him. But we’re all praying that this is the thing that will work.

I can tell you I really really like this product. I love the improvements I’m seeing in my life. I’m a happier  and healthier mommy and that means the world to me. If you want to learn more about Plexus and how it can help you contact my friend Leslie. You can reach her on her webpage or thru or email, or via her cell 405-243-2303. 

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