God’s Love: Spiritual Liberation thru the Emancipation of Virtue by Calvert Tynes


When I signed up to do this review I expected a ‘self-help’ type of book. I didn’t know anything about the author and didn’t realize he was a poet. I was surprised that it was a book of poetry. I honestly am more of a fan of novels.

 As I read it I learned about Mr. Tynes and his history. I can honestly say I don’t know that I’ve ever read a book that told me more about the author. The poems are well written and I enjoyed them. They were definitely written from a deep place that was searching. I wasn’t even half way finished before I recommended this to a friend. This book seemed like something she would enjoy and relate too as she is also a poet and writer.

 Anyone who is searching for where they are or where they have come from can see a common bond with Mr. Tynes. His poems tell us of his search and how he came thru it as well as expressed his love for God and his family.

 “God’s Love: Spiritual Liberation thru the Emancipation of Virtue” is a deeply personal and philosophical book. It is not the type of book I would sit down and read just to relax. So unless you are looking for something that by it’s nature is very deep, emotional and expressive this might not be the book for you.

 I appreciate his allowing me to read this. It was written over a period of 10 years and was published by AuthorHouse in Nov 2011. It is available in both e-book and printed book format. If you would like to read a copy of his book you can find it here

http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Love-Spiritual-Liberation-Emancipation/dp/1452018014/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367244133&sr=8-1&keywords=calvert+tynes in print for $18.99 or here

http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Love-Liberation-Emancipation-ebook/dp/B0072BVZGI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1367244133&sr=8-2&keywords=calvert+tynes in kindle format for $9.99.

 You can also find Mr. Tynes on Facebook at



Scentsy Layers with Ashley McDowell


When I first contacted Ashley to do a review for her Scentsy business I wasn’t sure what she would want or need reviewed. Scentsy normally is known for its wax warmers (or burners) and wickless candles. But they also have scented room sprays, stuffed animals, and Scentsy Layers which has laundry products and lotions, hand sanitizers, shower gels, lip balms, etc.  I was already familiar with the Scentsy burners and Scentsy buddies. I had completely forgotten they had Scensty Layers!! We discussed what types of scents I like and what type of products I like. I prefer scented bath gels and lotions to perfumes. We decided I’d review some of the Layers products and I let Ashley surprise me with what to review.


She did great! She sent me a hand cream in Sugar Cookie and Shower gel in Luna! Two of my favorite scents (and she didn’t even know that!).  The hand cream is nice and thick, not runny like you sometimes find with scented lotions. My hands smelled good enough to eat for hours! The bath gel was awesome too. Luna is one of my all time favorite smells because it smells so clean. I try to convince myself if my house smells clean it won’t be so obvious that it isn’t……..


The shower gel lathered up nicely and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry afterward. It was nice and gentle. My whole bathroom smelled nice and clean by the time I got out of the shower. The bath gel scent lasted as well.


The shower gel is $9 for a 8 oz bottle and the hand cream is $6 for a 3 oz tube. These prices are pretty comparable to other stores that sell similar items. Plus if you host a party you can get items for half price or even free.


Ashley stayed in close contact with me to make sure I knew when to expect my product and to let me know of specials she has had going on too.


I must say- not being a perfume person I was a little leery about Scentsy Layers, that and did I want my body smelling like my house…..well…..all my questions and concerns are answered. I love this stuff! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. If you like the Scentsy scents you’ll love Scentsy layers!! Thanks Ashley for letting me review this great product. If you would like to check out Ashley’s Scentsy business you can find her here https://ashleymcdowell.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home .Image

Joy in a time of Sorrow?

This has been an incredibly long week. I am not the only one effected, by far. On Monday morning I received a call asking if I had heard about a car wreck, and did it involve my co-worker and friend’s husband. I made a couple of calls and discovered it did. A young man with a loving wife and three beautiful daughters had been critically injured. Later that evening he went home to be with Jesus. It rocked me to my core. We are a very small close knit community. It effected everyone. My friend is a first grade teacher at the school where I am the nurse. My daughter is in the same class as her daughter. Her two older daughters attend the same school. In a school of roughly 220 students you get to know each other very well. Everyone is hurting for their friends/teacher/co-worker.

As I tried to explain this to my children I realized I didn’t really have the words. How do you tell a 7 yo that her friend’s daddy is gone. My 10 yo son seemed to grasp it a bit better, and the 4 yo- well, she still has her own idea about things. How do we explain to these children that God has a plan and sometimes bad things happen to good people anyway? I’ve been praying and thinking about this and discussing it with my husband. This is the only conclusion I can come up with….Those of us who are believers know that God does have a plan. We are told so in His word. But how many of us put our own human limitations on that plan in an attempt to reconcile His plan with our free will? God plan as I see it, is that one day all of His children will be with Him in heaven. Being the loving God that He is, He gives us the choice of free will, the choice to decide- I’m going to follow this path and be with Him or I’m going to follow my own path. In the end choices made can change the route we take to get to our journey’s end. Therefore some of us see the conclusion to His plan sooner than others. God see’s us hurting, and I truly believe He hurts with us. This young man was a well loved servant of God and while God has completed His plan with him, He is still working on His plan with the rest of us. I didn’t know him well at all, and from the stories I’ve heard I must agree with my son when he said “I wish I could’ve know Josh better.” But I have Hope and Joy knowing that I will know him better when I meet him again in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers will be continually with my friend and her girls and the rest of Josh’s family.

Lia Sophia with Sara Taylor

I contacted Sara after being given her info to review. She asked about my jewelry preferences and gave me a link to her site. I looked threw tons and tons and tons of jewelry and fell in love with almost every single thing I saw. I then sent her a list of several of the items I liked and let her surprise me with what she sent. MAN was I surprised. She did a great job. She sent me the Panorama necklace and Coy earrings in hematite. I fell in love the second I opened the box. I even went downstairs and did my hair and makeup so I could wear them right then, lol. They were so pretty I felt like dolling myself up just to wear them.  Not only are they pretty but the quality is amazing. The earring didn’t bother my sometimes sensitive ears either!! Both the necklace and earrings feel heavy in your hand, but when you put them on I honestly didn’t notice them.  I wore them all afternoon the day I got them and then all day the next day too. I got several complements on them as well.


Along with a huge variety of styles and types of jewelry there are a wide range of prices for this jewelry but you’ll find most of it is less than $50 and there are great ways to get discounts as you’ll see below.


Sara kept in constant contact with me to make sure I got my order and I liked it. Her costumer service was wonderful. She emailed me the following info about the company and I think you’ll agree that this company offers some great benefits to the costumer, hostess and advisor as well.



buy 2 items at regular price (your least expensive) get 4 at half price (most expensive) unlimited!


We offer monthly specials along with the above special!


**Plus, hosting a party brings you EXTRA prizes ( each advisor differ on what they offer at their event)



20% of ALL sales in FREE jewelry!

4 Items at hostess bonus price (anything up to $100 will be $15, and anything over $100 will be stated in the catalog beside the description of the item)

5 Items at half price

**PERFECT PARTY= 10 orders and 2 dated bookings from your party! You will receive 40% of ALL sales in jewelry for only $15! woot woot!!!!!!


Becoming an advisor:



70% off all jewelry

30% commission in ALL sales

***Plus you get to look absolutely fabulous and have parties for a living! What is better than that???!!!


AND— you know what else, they have an AMAZING guarantee and here it is…

Customers a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Jewelry returned within 120 days will be replaced at no charge. After this, a $5 per item handling fee is required. Requests for refunds are accepted for jewelry returned within 45 days of shipping, excluding shipping charges, which are not refundable. The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is published on every Customer Purchase Receipt. A copy of the Customer Invoice/Purchase Receipt is required on all returns and exchanges.


If you are interested in getting some of this great jewelry for yourself you can contact Sarah here sarabethtaylor83@gmail.com  www.liasophia.com/sarataylor.


Jamie’s Bags Review

One of my close friends makes bags. Purses, tote bags, book bags, diaper bags- you name it and she can make it. I must admit I love them. I’ve purchased at least 4 from her. They amazingly well made. The best part is they are completely you. You can use a pattern she’s already got (many of which designs herself) or if you’ve got something particular in mind- she’ll make one to your specifications.

You can decide if you want pockets inside or out, zippers or snaps, one handle or two and then there are color choices and fabric choices. The possibilities are endless. You wind up with a completely one of a kind bag- just for you. She won’t ever make two bags exactly alike. She even will make matching wallets and small zipper bags. She’s been doing this for years all because she went to find a new purse and couldn’t find what she wanted. She super talented and the customer service is great. Anytime I’ve needed anything she’s been right on it. I will say that if you have a custom design verses one she’s already made- it does take more time, but that is to be expected when she is creating the design as well. She says “I can’t guarantee nothing will ever go wrong with you bag, but I can guarantee I’ll try to fix it.” Oh- did I mention most all of her bags can be washed- especially helpful if you have 3 hooligans at home like I do.

You can find her site at http://jamiesbags.com/ she has a link there to her etsy site as well. The bags you see are just a very few of her available ones. Contact her for more pictures of what she can do. The picture here is my most recent bag that she let me help design and make with her. It’s one of my favorites. Oh- who am I kidding, they are all my favorites!! Lol


I forgot the most important part. …. (gotta love mommy brain) the price! !! Prices for bags range from $25-45 depending on size, design and the cost of fabric. She even makes bags from laminated fabric! Wallets and zipper bags from a few dollars up to around $15. Check her out.

CrossFit—my guilty pleasure….

Ok- so most of you know I’ve worked out off and on for years….you name it, and I’ve tried it- at least once. Ok- maybe not everything, but most. I have been doing CrossFit at CrossFit SoMO since last August. I’ll admit- it isn’t easy- not even one teeny tiny bit. It’s downright HARD. But you know what- I love every minute of it. I am now capable at 37 of doing things physically there’s no way I could have done 10 or even 20 years ago.

Today—-I climbed a ROPE!! I mean literally hauled my butt up a rope using only my own strength. I never in a million years would have thought that was possible. I can lift more things (even over my head) than I could ever imagine. I feel so strong and capable. It’s a feeling I can’t even begin to describe. I feel like I can physically take care of myself should I ever need too. Aka–I’m not the most graceful person- so if I fall down a well, I could climb out.!! LOL.

Anyway, all that being said- if there is a CrossFit box (that’s the name for a crossfit gym) anywhere near you- GO CHECK IT OUT!!! You will love it. I can’t say all boxes are like mine. Mine is amazing with coaches that give 110% to each and every one of the athletes there. They go out of their way to make you feel like you are accomplishing something and that you can do it. But if the one near you is even close, you will be happy.

I’m still not where I want to be with my weight, but I have muscles now- that are visible!! Not completely hidden by fat. Oh and after that rope climbing today- I can already feel them!! Tomorrow is going to be fun. But it’s all worth it. I feel AMAZING!!!

I’m telling you the truth- I work hard and I am SO happy that I do! Thanks CrossFit SoMO!!! And each and every one of the awesome trainers!!!

Sweet Dreams & Pleasant Nightmares,