Sarah James Photography

One of my co-workers was showing me some pictures her sister took.  I fell in love. She then told me that her sister was a photographer. I thought—hmmm, I should check into this. At the time we spoke Sarah was living in the Kansas City area. I contacted her about doing a review of her photography when she came back to visit. I then discovered that she’d be back, but only for a couple of weeks as she was moving to Germany. I offered to skip our session so that she would have more time with her family and she said- it won’t take long, let’s do it.


So we did! Our first attempt got rained out, but that proved to be a great thing. On our 2nd attempt we got to use an outdoor studio, that she arranged. It was a beautiful place to take pictures. She definitely has an eye for locations. I’ve seen this over and over in her pictures. They always seem to fit the people she’s capturing amazingly well.


There are five of us in our family. She asked what I wanted, family pictures, individuals, or what. I honestly didn’t know, other than I wanted a few of just me and my husband, our 15 year anniversary was coming up. Well, she again did a great job, she took pictures of all of us, of just me and my hubby, of the kids together and individually. It only took about an hour to take all of the pictures. I also fully expected it to be several weeks before I saw any of the pictures as most of her equipment was already in Germany. Well, she surprised me and with in a couple of days had a few up on her Facebook page ( ) It was awesome. I loved every picture. It was horrible at the same time because I wanted to see more!!! Ha Ha.

Well, she didn’t keep me waiting long at all. She hadn’t been in Germany much more than about 24 hours and she had the rest of my pictures uploaded to her Facebook page and her webpage I couldn’t believe how fast things went, especially when I was fully prepared for it to take awhile.

She was so great with my kids too. My 5 yo, whom we call Monkey (for obvious reasons if you know her) was just being herself. Sarah didn’t get bothered by it and used Monkey’s natural self to bring out her liveliness in the pictures.  My 10 yo son, K-man, has a tendency to be stoic or give off fake smiles when his picture is taken. Not a single picture looks faked She got him to smile his natural beautiful smile. My 7 yo, Princess is a princess all around, and a camera hog. Sarah made her feel like a princess and her pictures bring out her natural beauty. I really can’t say enough good things about my entire experience.

I asked Sarah several questions about her process. She said it only takes about an hour or so to take pictures of a family about the size of mine. She then spends 3 – 10 hours editing the pictures. She figured mine would take about 5 hours. Her normal sitting fee is $75-100 depending on family size. Her pictures range in price from $15-25 per print based on size and the average person spends from $200-400. For a more complete listing of her prices you can see her website .

We had a great experience having our pictures taken by Sarah and I would recommend her to anyone. I know she lives in Germany now, but her family is back here in the states and she will come home to visit.

*I received a discount on my pictures for my review.


Jolie Vie Dress from Leilani B Boutique

Jolie Vie Dress and Leilani B Boutique



I had been watching this gorgeous dress, the Jolie Vie Maxi Dress, on the Leilani B site for several days. I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t overly expensive, $36.50 and free shipping. However, it was a style I don’t normally wear, so I was apprehensive to spend that much on it. Well….Leilani B came to the rescue. One evening they had a drawing for a $25 gift card (which they do frequently) and guess who won!!!?? Me!! I was SO excited. I knew instantly what I’d get, but I searched the site anyway. They have tons of cute stuff and most of it is extremely reasonably priced. Best of all- they always offer FREE shipping.


With in less than 20 minutes of notifying me I won, I had a code for a gift card in my email. I ordered my dress and figured with free shipping it would be several days before I got my dress. Usually that’s the case. Free shipping = slow boat to China shipping. But, not with Leilani B. It was maybe 3 days.


I took my dress out of the package and was instantly in love. The fabric was nice and soft and I could tell it would be super comfortable. I ordered a Medium because that’s what I normally wear. It fit perfect. I wore it and got tons of compliments and I was right- it was super comfy. It is strapless, which isn’t something I do often, but I wore it with a little black sweater and it was adorable. I loved it. I’m not the type to wear a dress all day long, but I did this one.


I received great costumer service and it’s a great dress. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.