Country life part deux

So after the wonderful visitor yesterday afternoon, we had another visitor, ….at 5:45 am!! I had just gotten back to bed after being awakened by a screaming monkey. I think she just woke up to scream. I let the dog out, told the 9 yo to go back to bed and leave the game boy off it was WAY too early. Get back to my nice cozy bed, scoot the monkey on to her dad’s side of the bed, and snuggle back down under the covers aaannnddd there it was. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Pause. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Pause, coming from the ceiling. So we take Monkey back to her bed (well, Matt did), then he gets the step stool, the flash light, and the trash can. He climbed up the step stool, pops up the ceiling tile (we have drop ceilings in the basement) and there it is, a mouse, stuck on a sticky trap. I just closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was asleep. The mouse made it’s way in to the trash can and that was the end of my night. By the time it was all over, it was time to get up and start breakfast. Ahhhhh, country life.


Country life

Ok- so most of the time I really enjoy living in the country. It’s quiet, peaceful even w/the kids running around. Our house is almost completely secluded. The joy of being able to see God’s handiwork at any given second. However…….there are times that the city (ok, so small town in the ‘city’ limits) girl in me comes out. Today was one of those days. Normally when the cats leave me a present, it isn’t any big deal. They carry it off or Matt does and I never see it again. Not so today. Scout, our loveable, energetic 2 yo black lab, had found a new toy and we didn’t want her to keep it. And, of course, Matt was on his way back to work from lunch so he didn’t have time to take care of it. So it’s either keep the dogs in the house all afternoon, which isn’t normally an issue, but today it would have been, because that’s just how things go. So I was left with the task of disposing of the present. Thankfully, I think, it was still in one piece and not completely chewed up or anything. Matt said, “I just take two sticks, pick it up and walk half way down the drive and pitch it in the field.” Not me! No way. This wasn’t some little critter. It was a RAT!!! EEEEEKKKKKSSS!! Gross!!! So, I did the next best thing, I got the pooper scooper! It wouldn’t fall out of that, and I wouldn’t have to pick it back up. I walked half way down the drive, very proud of myself for my ingenuity. Tossed the thing into the field and watched as it fell about 2 inches on the other side of the fence. (No one ever said I was good at throwing things, especially with a pooper scooper) I decided that was far enough for me, came in and washed my hands at least 30 times and almost soaked them in bleach. I know it would take a long time for those rat cooties to climb all the way up the handle of the pooper scooper to reach my hand, but I’m not taking any chances!! 

Wow, where has the time gone?

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of one of the best days of my life, the day I became a mom. Of course I remember that day like it was yesterday. I can still hear my voice saying “It’s a boy?!?! It’s a boy!?!?!?” over and over again. I was so shocked. We wanted our first to be a surprise. Everyone said we were having a boy and we really wanted a boy first, but I just knew I was going to have a red-headed blue eyed baby girl. Guess, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Today I look at my K-man and am amazed at who he has become. He loves God and his sisters, and us too. When he’s playing and just making up songs, he makes up songs about God. I am so blessed by this little man. When he wants too (he is a almost 9 yo boy) he is an amazing helper. His mind just amazes me. The concepts he can grasp and the detailed things he comes up with. His desire to learn and explore the world around him.He is fascinated by how things work, and why they do what they do. I remember when he was 18 months old he ‘built’ a road for Sunday School out of Popsicle sticks.I’ve never in my life seen a child that young make a nearly straight road. He definitely is already set in his ways, has been since he was tiny. Once he has the way something should go in his mind- he can rarely be budged. To top it all off, he has an amazingly large heart. He loves people and animals, and is very caring. Plus, he still loves to hug his mom, even when he’s getting on the bus. Now that I work at his school, he comes by my office on his way back to class from art and brings me his picture made each day. The other kids always ask about them, and want to know who drew them. He is such a blessing to me. I love you K-man, I am so proud of the little man you are and can’t wait to see the big man you become!! (well…I can wait, time has already gone by too fast, but I am excited to see it just the same)