Country life part deux

So after the wonderful visitor yesterday afternoon, we had another visitor, ….at 5:45 am!! I had just gotten back to bed after being awakened by a screaming monkey. I think she just woke up to scream. I let the dog out, told the 9 yo to go back to bed and leave the game boy off it was WAY too early. Get back to my nice cozy bed, scoot the monkey on to her dad’s side of the bed, and snuggle back down under the covers aaannnddd there it was. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Pause. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Pause, coming from the ceiling. So we take Monkey back to her bed (well, Matt did), then he gets the step stool, the flash light, and the trash can. He climbed up the step stool, pops up the ceiling tile (we have drop ceilings in the basement) and there it is, a mouse, stuck on a sticky trap. I just closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was asleep. The mouse made it’s way in to the trash can and that was the end of my night. By the time it was all over, it was time to get up and start breakfast. Ahhhhh, country life.


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