Well, it’s that time of year again- time to start all over, get rid of bad habits, make healthy new ones, blah, blah, blah….You know exactly what I’m talking about. I have yet to meet someone (well at least that I remember-with 3 kids my brain isn’t what it used to be) that has made and kept a new year’s resolution. I never do. Of course, I don’t make them so that might be part of it, lol.

I’ve heard people talk about making goals and not resolutions. I like that idea- don’t know that is would stick. For me it would have to be a super short term goal, that I could meet in about 5 min or so. Otherwise, I’d probably get busy around here and forget about it. Such is life.

However, apparently my little family is going to resolve or have the goal of being more self sufficient this year. Which must be why we have 3 meat rabbits and 3 new chickens. I’ve even started thinking about my garden- UGH—-what’s come over me….I think I woke up somewhere along the way and have become somewhat of a farmer with out even realizing it. My dream as a kid was to grow up and be a mommy- that’s done!! I don’t remember wanting to grow up and have acres of land and live on a sort of farm…but I am. It’s peaceful (when the kids are gone or outside and I’m inside) out here and it’s definitely pretty. So I guess this is God’s plan for me and I’m quite ok with it. Hee Hee.

I would like to take this year and spend more time actually enjoying my 3 monkeys and all the blessings they give me. (Yes they are blessings, yes they are blessings, yes they are blessings- I am trying to convince myself b/c they just came in arguing). I want to be more organized so I don’t wind up with a house that looks like it exploded on the inside, and so I don’t pay the electric bill twice and wind up scrambling at the end of the month and not knowing why. I’d like to remember to sit down when I think of something to blog about and actually get it done. There are tons more-but for now, I’ll be happy where I am and trust God to take me where He wants, so far He’s never been wrong.

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares.