A Tale of Two Boys

There once were two young boys. They met when the younger of the two moved town. They were 3 and 4 at the time. They were instantly friends. It was obvious to all who met them that they would be close friends for all of their life, even though the two had little in common other than their love of God. Their friendship was based on this mutual love because the first place they met was at church. As they grew older they attended different schools and had different after school activities. So the only place they saw each other was at church. Both loved to go to church and begged to go any time the doors were open so that they could see their friend. However after about 5 years (which is their entire life according to 9 and 10 year old boys) something threatened to tear them apart.
Two groups of grown-ups decided to place themselves and their feelings above that of any others. They had lost sight of God’s command to Love your neighbor as yourself. Satan had taken a hold on both groups. They went out of their way to hurt each other, feeling justified because they thought they were right. They never thought to look past themselves and see the others around them they were destroying. The leaders over the two groups didn’t appear to see the harm this fighting was doing either. It was slowly tearing away and the very core of what made them who they were- Christians, lovers and followers of Christ.
The two young boys didn’t know what to think. They saw these people whom they were to look up too behaving like children. They were acting in ways that if the boys themselves had behaved, they certainly would have been punished. Unfortunately even though they hadn’t been misbehaving they were the ones being punished. They were in great fear of losing each other.
They didn’t understand what was so great about being a Christian any more. Why would they want to follow Jesus, if all it did was cause people to argue and fight and be mean to each other? They understood that Jesus loved them and had died for them, but they wondered if the grown-ups had forgotten. Every Sunday and Wednesday they were taught about how to love one another, how to follow God’s word and His will in their lives. Yet, these people, who were to be their teachers and examples, were not doing this.
Because the fighting was getting so bad, one of the groups was going to leave the other. When this happened the two boys would likely not see each other again. If they did it would be a very rare treat as the only place they ever got to see each other was church, and if one group left they would take the older boy with them.
They boys were crushed. They were caught in the middle of a fight that had nothing to do with them, and they were both losing.
I wish there were a happy ending to this story. I pray for it with out ceasing.  Because you see, this story is true, and my son is the younger boy. I had no answer for my son when he asked me “Why are the grown-ups acting like children? Why are they lying and fighting?” Please tell me how to explain to my son that these grown-ups think its okay to treat those you claim to love with malice and hatred. Our church is being destroyed by Satan from the inside out, and I don’t want my son to pay the price for that.

Day 7-pantry

Well today was to clean out your pantry. I don’t really have one. I do have one set of cabinets that I keep can goods in, so I did that.

I did manage to complete yesterdays Mary challenge of making a list of my top 6 things to do today (in order) and guess what….I got them all done, and then some!!

I really do recommend this book to anyone looking to have a Mary house the Martha way!!

31 Days to Clean

Day 6- cabinets

Ok- so day 6 was yesterday, I think….and I didn’t get it done.But, I did today. The Martha challenge was clean out your kitchen cabinets. Thankfully for me, I had done that on all buy 1 section of my cabinets with in the last 6 months. Not b/c I wanted too, but…b/c I got tired of things falling out and hitting me on the head or smashing my toes. There was only one cabinet that hadn’t happened with enough times yet, lol. So now they are all done!! Woohoo, let’s hope that I don’t have to do that again for a LONG while.

As for the Mary challenge, I’m going to work on that tonight- make a list for tomorrow.

Day 5- Windows

Today’s Martha challenge was to clean your kitchen window and wash the curtains. I just got the window cleaned, man was it dirty!!! I opted to skip the curtains. I am going to repaint the kitchen……….sometime, and then the curtain won’t match, so why wash it….lol. The more I go thru this book, the more I want to get it repainted!! I can see it now, my nice clean kitchen with newly painted green walls…..oh and the new countertops, and new appliances….(ok, so maybe most of that is a dream, but if I’m gonna dream, I might as well dream big).

The Mary challenge had to do with priorities. I know what my priorities should be, but I wonder often if that’s what they really are, or are they skewed to fit my wants. How about you? Are your priorities where they should be?

31 Days to Clean

Day 4

Today I worked. So I was really glad that the challenge wasn’t too difficult. Clean your oven and microwave, inside and out. Got it done! As I was doing dinner though, lol. I figured might as well clean it before I get it dirty. I realized that I probably should have cleaned my microwave a while ago. I’m not sure how it gets so dirty….guess I just use it a LOT. It’s also amazing how dirty the front of an oven can get. Lots of little hands looking in to see what’s baking. Well, day 4 Martha challenge is done. The Mary challenge had to do with making your home comfortable for anyone who walks in, so they can feel at home. I kind of like to think that my house feels that way, that is if you can get thru the toys, laundry and junk…..On to day 5 tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a clean and comfortable house by day 31!!!

Remember if you want to follow along check out this site 31 Days to Clean.

31 Days to Clean

I decided instead of a New Years Resolution I was going to have a solution. I decided (and not until Jan 1, lol) that I needed a better start to this year. I need to get my act together. So I remembered I had gotten a free copy of an eBook by Sarah Mae. 31 Days to Clean, having a Martha house the Mary way. Well with in the first paragraph I was pretty sure that this book was written for ME!! So I decided that in order to keep myself in check with this solution I need to blog about it.
Day 1 Challenge, come up with a mission statement. Well, I tried but I honestly couldn’t come up with one on my own that I liked so I found a verse that I thought applied. Prov 31:27-30.
She watches over the affairs of her household

and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
“Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.”
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 
I’m supposed to print it out and make it pretty and post it somewhere in my house, but haven’t gotten that far….(such is life).
Day 2 was to clean out my fridge. Well, thankfully I had just done that, lol, shelves and all. 
Day 3, clean the front of your cabinets, that’s today. 
Those are the Martha Challenges. There are Mary one’s too, but….you need to read the book for those. Here’s a link, 31 Days to Clean go check it out for yourself. I’m pretty sure, if you are reading my blog, this book was written for you too!!!