Goddess Voxbox from Influenster

I’m so excited! I just joined this new group of reviewers at Influenster. It’s awesome. I get a box of goodies sent to me for FREE!! And I’ll I have to do is give my opinion on them! This month the box of goodies was called the Goddess Voxbox. It had all kinds of stuff in it to make you feel like a goddess. There was toner from Dickinson’s, shampoo from Pantene, nail polish from Sinful Colors, smelly good greatness from Downy, nail polish remover awesomeness from Cutex, protection from Always, and info on Ebates.

SO….what did I think of my goodies??? Well…here you go…

The witch hazel toner from Dickinson’s was nice. It felt cool on my face and didn’t dry it out. However, I’m partial to toner from another company. I gave it to my daughter and she loved it. She had been complaining about her face feeling dry and since she started using it, I haven’t heard any more about it.

I also got to try some of Pantene’s Expert Intense Hydration shampoo and conditioner. WOW! It really does make your hair feel softer and less dry. I have colored hair and even with color safe shampoo and conditioner it winds up feeling dry and crackly very quickly after washing. I was very impressed with how long my hair remained soft even after styling.

The nail polish from Sinful Colors was the from the Kylie Jenner collection. It was a matte polish which I originally didn’t think I’d care for. I don’t often polish my finger nails, but during the summer my toes are always looking nice. So I tried it on them. It’s been over a week now, and it still looks amazing! This is definitely something I would purchase!

Downy Fresh Protect beads were also in the box. I’m not one to use stuff the has scents in my laundry. But I tried it anyway. And…wouldn’t you know it, I forgot the wash in the machine….for nearly 24 hours. Well, it’s summer and my laundry room is in the basement.Normally, it would stink to high heaven after 24 hours sitting in there. It didn’t! It smelled nice and fresh and I was able to throw it all right in the dryer. It came out of the dryer smelling nice and fresh too.

Probably one of my very favorites was the  nail polish remover pads from Cutex. They worked great. Quick and easy. But especially…..no MESS! I have 2 daughters, who love to paint their nails, but I don’t trust them with bottles of nail polish remover! There’s nothing to spill with these! They can go right back in the packet when your done and get thrown in the trash!! Totally amazing.

I’m not one to openly talk about that time of the month. But…Always sent a box of their new Radiant pads with wings.  I don’t normally care for wings…they are pokey and uncomfortable. So I’d rather not have them. Not so with these. The material they are made with is soft and comfortable. Plus…it says it holds 10x it’s weight!! These just might replace my current product.

All in all, I’d this box was a winner! Thanks for all the freebies Influenster! Can’t wait to get my next voxbox!


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