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Jamie’s Crafty by Nature

When I saw my high school friend had started her own business I was so excited. The pictures she posted on her Facebook page were amazing!!  You can check them out for yourself at

I contacted her and asked if she’d like a review done on her products and she was super excited. She asked what I was interested in and we discussed a few things. Then I told her to surprise me. And she did. She sent me the cutest little fairy candle holder. I love it. Her use of clay to turn a simple glass container into something that looks like it belongs in a fairy garden amazes me. I love the intricate details. The lid looking like the top to a mushroom and the beautiful little gold heart on the door, wow!


She even included a battery operated tea light. As much as I loved it, my girls (ages 9 and 6) loved it even more. They both love all things fairy. So it makes a perfect little night light in their room.

If you’re looking for something different and whimsical that just reaches out and grabs your imagination then you need to check her out! She has a huge variety, everything from elegant wine glasses to adorable little dragons (I’m so getting one for my son for his birthday-but don’t tell him, it’s a surprise, lol). She even has multimedia wall art. She’s got something for everyone. Be sure you check her out on Facebook and give her a like!!




Today I was in rowing class and was asked….which is easier to eat Oreos or carrots. I actually had to think about it. For once in my life the Oreos weren’t the thing my brain instantly went to. The carrots actually sounded better!!! I must be getting sick…..Actually, I’m not. I’m on a new adventure. Well, maybe not a new one, but the same one again, just a different way. I signed up for our towns Biggest Loser challenge. I lost quite a bit of weight almost 6 years ago. I felt so good, I thought I’d never let myself get their again. I didn’t. I went farther this time. I slowly let my weight gain go up and up and up until I thought it couldn’t possibly go any higher. Then… husband’s plant announced they were closing. My husband is one of those who quits eating when he’s super stressed, Not me….I’m the stuff my face until it feels better kind of person. I gained every pound he lost. So I found myself at this spot where I couldn’t allow myself to gain another ounce, let alone pound. My clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t feel good but, I had ZERO motivation to change it. I was stressed and tired and just flat done. Then a friend posted on facebook about the local challenge, plus if you signed up you got a discount at a local fitness center I’d been wanting to check out. So…I took the bull by the horns and signed up. I’m only 1 week in, and I already feel 95% better. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and I’m happier. There’s something to be said about the encouragement you get from working out with other people. I work harder. I am more proud of my accomplishments. And, I am more careful about what I eat b/c I want to improve in all areas. I may be over doing it but I’m tracking my food, and workouts on at least 3 different apps, but they all offer something different….and they keep me from over doing it. I’m down 5lbs and over 7 inches too. Oh…and I even managed to cut 10 seconds off my rowing time. In an effort to get back to blogging, I’ll try to check in each week and keep you posted on my progress.. I don’t care if I win the challenge, but I sure am excited to wee where I end up!!

Knot-ems, by Make My Maxi (reposted from WAHMReviews June 2014)

HEY!! This a review I did for a great Esty shop back in June of 2014. Rachel and her head wraps (now called Knot-ems) are blowing up all over the place. Read my review (still holds true, I LOVE them and have purchased several more) and check her out!! (Be sure to read all the way to the end for a great surprise!)

Here is a re-post of my Make My Maxi review originally done for WAHMReviews

Make My Maxi


When I saw that Make My Maxi was up for a review I jumped at the chance.  I messaged Rachel and discussed options for the review and we decided on her headwraps. I chose a gray one, because I like neutrals and then asked her to surprise me with a black and white one because she had such a variety of black and white choices. The school I work for, and my kids attend, colors are black and white. She sent me an adorable chevron one. And there was a coupon for another one too!!!

10896398_703158219782409_1320374222336810786_o She was very quick with her responses even when I wasn’t so quick with mine. Rachel works out of her home so she can spend time with her two young daughters. I love being able to do business with a person or company that I know I helping directly. Rachel makes headwraps, maxi skirts, circle skirts and more for both grown up and little girls. You can send her fabric or chose from fabric she has. Her items are very reasonable considering the time she spends making these items herself. She does adjust pricing based on whether you send her the fabric or she supplies it. You can find pictures of available fabric, and instructions for order on her Facebook page , there’s a link to her etsy shop right there on the page as well.


She was very quick with sending out my headwraps. I was super excited to get the package in the mail. I love them both headwraps are stretchy enough to fit me and both of my daughters. Plus they are both made of super soft fabric. They are also very versatile. You can wear them multiple ways. You can wear them wide and over your ears, or with the ‘knot’ in front, or fold them or scrunch them up to make the narrow. They are not too loose and not to tight. Kind of reminds me of “The Three Bears”, they fit just right!


If you’d like more info on the products Rachel sells feel free to contact her at the Facebook page above or at

***********HEY!!! Check this out!! Order with this coupon code CecilyB and get 10% off on your first order!!!***********

The Life of Mary

Saturday was my 39th birthday. The first thing I did was to read from a devotional book “Pray Truth: Praying God’s Word for My Husband’s Heart” by Erika Dawson. Then I did some sewing for a friend, all before I did anything for myself and honestly, it didn’t dawn on me that it was my birthday and I was doing something for someone else until I looked back on the day. Then the next thing I did was very different for a birthday. I went to a funeral. I’ll be honest I didn’t know the lady well. She happened to be a very good friend to some very good friends of mine. I went to support them and because they asked for people to come help sing. The lady’s name was Mary.

Mary lived a long life. Unfortunately her last years were plagued by Alzheimer’s. But she was loved. She lived her life in a way that had a positive impact on those around her. It was evident by her funeral. No, it wasn’t large, filled with tons of mourners. But, that’s too be expected when a person gets a certain age. However, the amount of love felt for her in that room was immeasurable. I want that for my life. I want to be known for my love.

You know we often pray for God to show us that we are going in the right direction and doing what He wants. Saturday I think He showed me I was on the right track. My desire this years is to put my faith into action and do that by putting others first. Our society has us thinking completely differently on this. It says we should be self focused, but that’s not what God says. Philippians 2:3 says “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”, there are many more verses that echo that same comment. Nowhere have I found that it says “Yo, YOU!! yea, YOU, you are better than everyone else and YOU should put YOU first!” or anything close to that. So that’s my goal this year, put others first. I honestly hope and pray that this will make me a better wife, mother, and friend.At the end of my life no matter how many people are there at my funeral. I want the love I had for others to be evident. Rest in Peace Mary, you were loved.

Back At it…..

Well, I’ve been away from blogging on here for a year it looks like….Life got busy, as it always does. So…in an order to deal with it now, I’m going to try to get back to blogging. Plus…I’ve still been doing product reviews so I’m going to post my old ones that I missed this last year over the next few weeks.

Over the last few months our life has changed. It’s not a nice one, but one of those long drawn out ones where you are in limbo for what seems like, forever. My husband got notified in September that the company he works for will be moving to Neuvo Laredo Mexico over the next year. So that means a job hunt. We live in a small rural area that has limited jobs for my husband. So we are biding our time and waiting to see what happens here, while keeping our eyes and ears open for possibilities closer to family. We don’t want to move, but if that’s God’s plan than we’ll accept it happily (ok, well maybe not happily, but we know He knows what’s best).

So….my life is currently a Pleasant Nightmare…Keep your eyes open for more posts!!

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,


Charmsations Review

Charmsations with Angie Campbell



WOW! That’s the first thought that came to mind when I checked out Angie’s webpage at m/#AngieCampbell

These items were just so cool. Key chains and bracelets you can personalize- easily!! Not with just names but teams and companies too. I’ve seen other companies with similar items, but this one really fits my style. It’s blingy and girly with out being over the top. I LOVE it!!


When I first talked to Angie I was shocked to find out she is stationed with her husband in Korea. I loved that this company is willing to help support the families of our men and women in the military by working with them even when they are overseas. I instantly told my friend whose sister is living in Germany right now as this might be a great opportunity for her too.


When you go to the site there are several options. You can make your own or buy ready to go. They even have party kits and pet collars!! They have another section called “A Bit More Sparkle” that has a different style of bracelets and watches too.


Angie sent me a black key chain with two blue flowers and the letters for “WAHM” on it. I LOVE it! I think it so awesome to be able to advertise for our Review company all the time. I’ve gotten several compliments on my key chain too. Not only was my key chain adorable, but I was really impressed with the quality too. The prices are really nice too!!

 At this point you can’t buy the individual charms from the website yourself, but you can get them from the consultant. They are easy to switch out as well.


This is a great way to support your favorite team, cause, or company. It would also be a great incentive or just because gift. To order yourself contact Angie.

To see more of my reviews with WAHM Reviews check out