Knot-ems, by Make My Maxi (reposted from WAHMReviews June 2014)

HEY!! This a review I did for a great Esty shop back in June of 2014. Rachel and her head wraps (now called Knot-ems) are blowing up all over the place. Read my review (still holds true, I LOVE them and have purchased several more) and check her out!! (Be sure to read all the way to the end for a great surprise!)

Here is a re-post of my Make My Maxi review originally done for WAHMReviews

Make My Maxi


When I saw that Make My Maxi was up for a review I jumped at the chance.  I messaged Rachel and discussed options for the review and we decided on her headwraps. I chose a gray one, because I like neutrals and then asked her to surprise me with a black and white one because she had such a variety of black and white choices. The school I work for, and my kids attend, colors are black and white. She sent me an adorable chevron one. And there was a coupon for another one too!!!

10896398_703158219782409_1320374222336810786_o She was very quick with her responses even when I wasn’t so quick with mine. Rachel works out of her home so she can spend time with her two young daughters. I love being able to do business with a person or company that I know I helping directly. Rachel makes headwraps, maxi skirts, circle skirts and more for both grown up and little girls. You can send her fabric or chose from fabric she has. Her items are very reasonable considering the time she spends making these items herself. She does adjust pricing based on whether you send her the fabric or she supplies it. You can find pictures of available fabric, and instructions for order on her Facebook page , there’s a link to her etsy shop right there on the page as well.


She was very quick with sending out my headwraps. I was super excited to get the package in the mail. I love them both headwraps are stretchy enough to fit me and both of my daughters. Plus they are both made of super soft fabric. They are also very versatile. You can wear them multiple ways. You can wear them wide and over your ears, or with the ‘knot’ in front, or fold them or scrunch them up to make the narrow. They are not too loose and not to tight. Kind of reminds me of “The Three Bears”, they fit just right!


If you’d like more info on the products Rachel sells feel free to contact her at the Facebook page above or at

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