Today I was in rowing class and was asked….which is easier to eat Oreos or carrots. I actually had to think about it. For once in my life the Oreos weren’t the thing my brain instantly went to. The carrots actually sounded better!!! I must be getting sick…..Actually, I’m not. I’m on a new adventure. Well, maybe not a new one, but the same one again, just a different way. I signed up for our towns Biggest Loser challenge. I lost quite a bit of weight almost 6 years ago. I felt so good, I thought I’d never let myself get their again. I didn’t. I went farther this time. I slowly let my weight gain go up and up and up until I thought it couldn’t possibly go any higher. Then… husband’s plant announced they were closing. My husband is one of those who quits eating when he’s super stressed, Not me….I’m the stuff my face until it feels better kind of person. I gained every pound he lost. So I found myself at this spot where I couldn’t allow myself to gain another ounce, let alone pound. My clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t feel good but, I had ZERO motivation to change it. I was stressed and tired and just flat done. Then a friend posted on facebook about the local challenge, plus if you signed up you got a discount at a local fitness center I’d been wanting to check out. So…I took the bull by the horns and signed up. I’m only 1 week in, and I already feel 95% better. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and I’m happier. There’s something to be said about the encouragement you get from working out with other people. I work harder. I am more proud of my accomplishments. And, I am more careful about what I eat b/c I want to improve in all areas. I may be over doing it but I’m tracking my food, and workouts on at least 3 different apps, but they all offer something different….and they keep me from over doing it. I’m down 5lbs and over 7 inches too. Oh…and I even managed to cut 10 seconds off my rowing time. In an effort to get back to blogging, I’ll try to check in each week and keep you posted on my progress.. I don’t care if I win the challenge, but I sure am excited to wee where I end up!!


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