Plan B


Look—it’s a blog post that isn’t a review!! Yes I do still write them, lol!!!

Today I came in to check something on my computer and saw this awesome little notepad/pen set my Secret Sister gave me (it’s so pretty I haven’t used it yet). It says “Life is all about how you handle Plan B.” How true is that!! Today especially has been a plan B kind of day.

I actually got a full nights sleep! So I was gonna get up and do something before kids got up. Well….it was storming, and my bed was cuddly. Then Princess came downstairs and wanted to do several things she’d been told she couldn’t so she got to cuddle in mom’s bed, but she had to lay there and be quiet and still! (She fell back asleep). I didn’t dare disturb her so I played on my phone a bit….

I sneaked (did you know snuck isn’t a word?!?!?!) out of bed and got started on laundry. She woke up….so she got to watch TV and fold the laundry I was gonna fold.

Breakfast- was supposed to be one thing and that didn’t work out- so ‘fried’ eggs and cinnamon bread left overs.

Fresh salsa was on tap for dinner tonight- guess what- NO cilantro in my house. That means going out in the rain to check the garden–no cilantro there either–so I found a few substitutes on line and we’ll see.

Cucumber and onion salad- had to make it with half red onions instead of all white…..

Plan on cooking up some homemade tomato sauce–phone call for a cake for tomorrow (and not a simple one)

Kids wanted to watch TV (which would have kept them out of my hair and the kitchen) but they got grounded–they are all 3 playing games together!! (Ok- at least temporarily)

So my day hasn’t gone the way I planned and it’s only 11:30 am….but that’s ok- God had plan B figured out all along so I’ll crank my Slacker radio Mandisa station and get busy!!!


Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



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