The Chore Solution by Ann and Jason J Cowan



When I found out my friend Ann had written a book I was really surprised. Then I checked out her website and asked her if she wanted a review. She said “sure!” and with in a few days I had my own copy of the book in my mailbox.


I sat down and skimmed thru it right away. I also checked out the website and the links. Then I sat back down and actually read the book. It’s a short book (don’t let that fool you) so it didn’t take long at all (plus I have a tendency devour books). There are questions for you to fill out at the end of each chapter too. I’ll be honest. I thought about the answers, but for the most part didn’t actually write my answers down. However, taking the time to read the questions and think about them does make putting this system to use much easier.


I’ve tried a BUNCH and I mean a BUNCH of different things to get my kids to do chores. They grumble and complain and don’t want to do it. Then I get frustrated and holler at them and it’s a big mess. I’ve also discovered  that if I’m the one keeping track of everything, I quit. It does me no good.


So how is this book different? How am I going to make it stick and be any better than anything else I’ve done…..well that’s the trick. I’m not!! They are. It’s one of the things I love the most about this system. I don’t have to keep track of anybody but me. However, since my youngest is only 5 and she doesn’t know how to read and write well, I do help her out. I don’t want to give everything away. I want you to read this book, but….your kids have to keep track of themselves!!!!!


Another thing I love about this program is that it is so easy to customize to your family. The basic premise is you do something, you fill out a slip, you get paid. Well…..what if money doesn’t interest your kids—use stickers, or something else.


Ann and Jason mention that they are there to help at any point should you need it. I did. I emailed Ann multiple times with questions and she answered back promptly with answers that helped and helped me come to my own conclusions.


Another thing I love is that it fits so well with another technique we’ve been trying with our children. I had read another book (Have a New Kid by Friday, by Kevin Leman) about parenting that I really liked but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work as easily for me as it should be. Enter The Chore Solution….and now I can make it all work together!


So we’ve adapted this program with what works for our family and I’m sure there will continue to be tweaks along the way. I don’t use a dry erase board- I just print out everyone’s totals every so often. Also, we do use money, but instead of pay day once a month, we do it every two weeks when Dad gets paid. Also, if someone else does your chore… get to pay them for it (yes, that includes mom too). We do have one chore that each kid does that they don’t get paid for, and that’s feeding animals. I don’t get ‘paid’ for feeding my kids so they aren’t paid for feeding theirs, but—just like if I choose not to make dinner and we go out to eat and I have to pay someone else to feed my family…..if they choose not to feed their animals and someone else does—they have to pay for it. We use the chore slips and if you do a chore for someone else you make a note of it on your slip. We are using this system to apply real world consequences too. If you argue with your boss because you don’t like how something works you’re likely to lose your job which would result in a loss of income. So if one of my kids throws a fit about their earnings they will lose them. They don’t like that at all.




The Chore Solution, is exactly that, a great solution for getting your kids to do chores. We’ve been doing this system for over 1 month. I know it’s sad, but it’s probably the longest time we’ve actually done something….it’s because it’s up to the kids to make sure they get it done, not me!!!


You can contact Ann and Jason J at or or you can buy the book at


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