New opportunity

Well…..I know, I know, I know….direct sales things can work, if you work them, yada, yada, yada….

But…I did it anyway…..Yup. I joined up with Norwex. It’s a canadian based company that sells….get this (hold your laughter for a second) CLEANING PRODUCTS!!! I know….me selling cleaning products is completely crazy. I HATE cleaning. Can’t stand it at all. I’m very disorganized when it comes to cleaning and as long as I can get thru my house and nothing is gross is growing somewhere I’m usually ok with it. But that was before I discovered Norwex.

No my house is still far from perfect, but I can say it is clean! And it happened really quickly and safely. Ok- not like someone getting a broken leg safely, but with out chemicals safely. Using my Norwex stuff, I can clean my house with WATER!! I love this stuff.

This is the door in our sunroom. I haven’t cleaned it of dog snot spots, and kid finger prints in probably close to 7 years b/c it’s covered by a curtain. ImageThis is the after. It took all of about 2 minutes to clean this. (There is a screen door on the other side that is spotty. Didn’t want to cause myself a heart attack from cleaning too much at once- my system might not take it, lol)


I even took some of my Norwex products to my mom’s and my MIL’s. My mom actually heard me say “I MUST. STOP. CLEANING!” Four words I can promise you she never thought she’d hear out of my mouth. My MIL is still talking about how clean her storm door window is and it’s been a good month since I was there.

So–why did I do it? Well, if anything can make me clean my house than it’s worth investing in. Especially when it doesn’t cost anything to get started. I figured I should try it out.

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