Tupperware with Karen Dolinsky

Tupperware is one of my favorite products. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl and my daddy (yes, my DAD) was a Tupperware ‘lady’. He had this cute little button that said “Your Tupperware Lady is a Man.” Everything was brown, orange, yellow and green back then. I even had my own set of Tupperware dishes that my mom still has and my kids play with every time they are at her house. So needless to say I was excited when I got the opportunity to review Tupperware with Karen.


I got her number and called her and we had a nice visit. She had me go to her website www.mytupperware.com/karendol and look at some of the items she already had coming in. We both figured it would be faster that way. I chose the Smart Prep System (retails for $21) for marinating and the Hot Dog Keeper (retails for $8). I figured this being summer those are two things I could really use.


After a few days Karen called and said she wanted to go ahead and send me my stuff but she didn’t have a box big enough for the Smart Prep System. So we went thru her items again and I got the Crystal Wave Soup Mug (retails for $12). My husband often gets stuck at work and misses lunch. He keeps soups and Ramen noodle type things in his desk. I thought this would be better than the glass soup mug he has. He thought it was great.


I buy my hot dogs in bulk, so the idea of the hot dog keeper where I could keep some in the fridge vs all in the freezer sounded awesome. When I got it and I went to put my hot dogs in it I realized that my hot dogs are longer than regular ones….but not a problem. I was still able to fit 8 hot dogs in there just had to arrange them a little differently. I’m guessing if I had regular sized hot dogs more than 8 would probably fit. It fits perfect in my fridge and doesn’t take up much space. I love it because now I always have hot dogs right there and don’t have to go down to the basement and get the box of frozen hot dogs, and bang and chip away to get them out.


If you’d like to reach Karen to order some Tupperware you can reach her at the website above or at jaclynd@mycap.rr.com.



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