Jolie Vie Dress from Leilani B Boutique

Jolie Vie Dress and Leilani B Boutique



I had been watching this gorgeous dress, the Jolie Vie Maxi Dress, on the Leilani B site for several days. I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t overly expensive, $36.50 and free shipping. However, it was a style I don’t normally wear, so I was apprehensive to spend that much on it. Well….Leilani B came to the rescue. One evening they had a drawing for a $25 gift card (which they do frequently) and guess who won!!!?? Me!! I was SO excited. I knew instantly what I’d get, but I searched the site anyway. They have tons of cute stuff and most of it is extremely reasonably priced. Best of all- they always offer FREE shipping.


With in less than 20 minutes of notifying me I won, I had a code for a gift card in my email. I ordered my dress and figured with free shipping it would be several days before I got my dress. Usually that’s the case. Free shipping = slow boat to China shipping. But, not with Leilani B. It was maybe 3 days.


I took my dress out of the package and was instantly in love. The fabric was nice and soft and I could tell it would be super comfortable. I ordered a Medium because that’s what I normally wear. It fit perfect. I wore it and got tons of compliments and I was right- it was super comfy. It is strapless, which isn’t something I do often, but I wore it with a little black sweater and it was adorable. I loved it. I’m not the type to wear a dress all day long, but I did this one.


I received great costumer service and it’s a great dress. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.



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