One of those days. …

Have you ever had one of those days? ?? No I don’t mean one of those…. I mean one where you know you’re on the right path.  You know you are doing what God had in mind for you.

I recently had one of those. I am a part time school nurse.  I only work 8 hours a week,  but I love every minute of it. The other day I had a student come to me with a concern and I was able to help them.  This was more than just a band aid, but the hugs and thanks I get
for those are pretty awesome too.
It was awesome too see that God had put me there to be able to help this student. I had fulfilled a purpose. 

I love my job as a mommy and wife. I also feel especially blessed that I get to be a school nurse too.

Sweet dreams & Pleasant nightmares.


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