Kronotex floors

So when we bought our house it had white carpet in it. Well,….after living here for 7 years with 2 dogs and 3 kids, it was no longer white- it was more the shade of dirt with dark mystery spots…..YUCK. We had had enough.

We’d talked about replacing the sun room floor with laminate for awhile. We’d checked several places and I heard a commercial about a store in a town about 45 min away that had laminate as low as $0.59/ sq ft. So we went to check it out. They even had pallets with mixed lots of flooring that wound up being about $0.04/ sq ft! We checked it all out and decided on some flooring that we liked the color of and it was all new in the box and after researching it decided it was going to be a decent brand. It didn’t hurt that it was $0.79/ sq ft.

We watched videos on how to put it in and took our time planning it all out. We moved the furniture out and around. We took pictures all along the way. It wasn’t hard to install, but it wasn’t easy either. It was a good thing there were two of us. The particular floor we got was Kronotex Designer Series. It had the 5G connector system that doesn’t require any tools and is Kronotex’s top of the line from what we could tell. It has this little piece of blue plastic on the short ends to help keep it together. Then it has a tongue and groove that clicks together on the long ends. After we got most of the floor done we realized that some of the long ends weren’t flush. They aren’t buckled and you don’t even really notice it if you are just looking. You notice it if you run your hand across the floor. It’s just enough though that it could get caught if you drag a piece of furniture across it.

So—-what do we do? We emailed the company. We aren’t overly concerned, but just want to know if it’s going to settle down eventually. After hearing nothing back after approximately a week I called. They said I had to contact the store where I bought the flooring and have the file a claim.?!?!?! Seriously?!?! I just wanted my question answered. So I call the store and explain and the manager was extremely polite and said it wouldn’t do any good to file a claim because we installed it ourselves. We discussed the issue we were having and she tried to help but didn’t think the flooring would settle. So my husband emailed Kronotex. After 2 weeks…..still NOTHING. Honestly- we like the floor, we just have a question. So I emailed them again and told them based on their poor customer service I will never be buying a Kronotex floor again. Sad thing is, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the floor. For the most part we’re really happy with it. It looks amazing in the sun room. It matches the wood trim we already have. It really looks nice and makes the room pop. But I can’t stand poor customer service.


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