Scentsy Layers with Ashley McDowell


When I first contacted Ashley to do a review for her Scentsy business I wasn’t sure what she would want or need reviewed. Scentsy normally is known for its wax warmers (or burners) and wickless candles. But they also have scented room sprays, stuffed animals, and Scentsy Layers which has laundry products and lotions, hand sanitizers, shower gels, lip balms, etc.  I was already familiar with the Scentsy burners and Scentsy buddies. I had completely forgotten they had Scensty Layers!! We discussed what types of scents I like and what type of products I like. I prefer scented bath gels and lotions to perfumes. We decided I’d review some of the Layers products and I let Ashley surprise me with what to review.


She did great! She sent me a hand cream in Sugar Cookie and Shower gel in Luna! Two of my favorite scents (and she didn’t even know that!).  The hand cream is nice and thick, not runny like you sometimes find with scented lotions. My hands smelled good enough to eat for hours! The bath gel was awesome too. Luna is one of my all time favorite smells because it smells so clean. I try to convince myself if my house smells clean it won’t be so obvious that it isn’t……..


The shower gel lathered up nicely and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry afterward. It was nice and gentle. My whole bathroom smelled nice and clean by the time I got out of the shower. The bath gel scent lasted as well.


The shower gel is $9 for a 8 oz bottle and the hand cream is $6 for a 3 oz tube. These prices are pretty comparable to other stores that sell similar items. Plus if you host a party you can get items for half price or even free.


Ashley stayed in close contact with me to make sure I knew when to expect my product and to let me know of specials she has had going on too.


I must say- not being a perfume person I was a little leery about Scentsy Layers, that and did I want my body smelling like my house…..well…..all my questions and concerns are answered. I love this stuff! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. If you like the Scentsy scents you’ll love Scentsy layers!! Thanks Ashley for letting me review this great product. If you would like to check out Ashley’s Scentsy business you can find her here .Image


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