Joy in a time of Sorrow?

This has been an incredibly long week. I am not the only one effected, by far. On Monday morning I received a call asking if I had heard about a car wreck, and did it involve my co-worker and friend’s husband. I made a couple of calls and discovered it did. A young man with a loving wife and three beautiful daughters had been critically injured. Later that evening he went home to be with Jesus. It rocked me to my core. We are a very small close knit community. It effected everyone. My friend is a first grade teacher at the school where I am the nurse. My daughter is in the same class as her daughter. Her two older daughters attend the same school. In a school of roughly 220 students you get to know each other very well. Everyone is hurting for their friends/teacher/co-worker.

As I tried to explain this to my children I realized I didn’t really have the words. How do you tell a 7 yo that her friend’s daddy is gone. My 10 yo son seemed to grasp it a bit better, and the 4 yo- well, she still has her own idea about things. How do we explain to these children that God has a plan and sometimes bad things happen to good people anyway? I’ve been praying and thinking about this and discussing it with my husband. This is the only conclusion I can come up with….Those of us who are believers know that God does have a plan. We are told so in His word. But how many of us put our own human limitations on that plan in an attempt to reconcile His plan with our free will? God plan as I see it, is that one day all of His children will be with Him in heaven. Being the loving God that He is, He gives us the choice of free will, the choice to decide- I’m going to follow this path and be with Him or I’m going to follow my own path. In the end choices made can change the route we take to get to our journey’s end. Therefore some of us see the conclusion to His plan sooner than others. God see’s us hurting, and I truly believe He hurts with us. This young man was a well loved servant of God and while God has completed His plan with him, He is still working on His plan with the rest of us. I didn’t know him well at all, and from the stories I’ve heard I must agree with my son when he said “I wish I could’ve know Josh better.” But I have Hope and Joy knowing that I will know him better when I meet him again in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers will be continually with my friend and her girls and the rest of Josh’s family.


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