Lia Sophia with Sara Taylor

I contacted Sara after being given her info to review. She asked about my jewelry preferences and gave me a link to her site. I looked threw tons and tons and tons of jewelry and fell in love with almost every single thing I saw. I then sent her a list of several of the items I liked and let her surprise me with what she sent. MAN was I surprised. She did a great job. She sent me the Panorama necklace and Coy earrings in hematite. I fell in love the second I opened the box. I even went downstairs and did my hair and makeup so I could wear them right then, lol. They were so pretty I felt like dolling myself up just to wear them.  Not only are they pretty but the quality is amazing. The earring didn’t bother my sometimes sensitive ears either!! Both the necklace and earrings feel heavy in your hand, but when you put them on I honestly didn’t notice them.  I wore them all afternoon the day I got them and then all day the next day too. I got several complements on them as well.


Along with a huge variety of styles and types of jewelry there are a wide range of prices for this jewelry but you’ll find most of it is less than $50 and there are great ways to get discounts as you’ll see below.


Sara kept in constant contact with me to make sure I got my order and I liked it. Her costumer service was wonderful. She emailed me the following info about the company and I think you’ll agree that this company offers some great benefits to the costumer, hostess and advisor as well.



buy 2 items at regular price (your least expensive) get 4 at half price (most expensive) unlimited!


We offer monthly specials along with the above special!


**Plus, hosting a party brings you EXTRA prizes ( each advisor differ on what they offer at their event)



20% of ALL sales in FREE jewelry!

4 Items at hostess bonus price (anything up to $100 will be $15, and anything over $100 will be stated in the catalog beside the description of the item)

5 Items at half price

**PERFECT PARTY= 10 orders and 2 dated bookings from your party! You will receive 40% of ALL sales in jewelry for only $15! woot woot!!!!!!


Becoming an advisor:



70% off all jewelry

30% commission in ALL sales

***Plus you get to look absolutely fabulous and have parties for a living! What is better than that???!!!


AND— you know what else, they have an AMAZING guarantee and here it is…

Customers a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Jewelry returned within 120 days will be replaced at no charge. After this, a $5 per item handling fee is required. Requests for refunds are accepted for jewelry returned within 45 days of shipping, excluding shipping charges, which are not refundable. The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is published on every Customer Purchase Receipt. A copy of the Customer Invoice/Purchase Receipt is required on all returns and exchanges.


If you are interested in getting some of this great jewelry for yourself you can contact Sarah here



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