Jamie’s Bags Review

One of my close friends makes bags. Purses, tote bags, book bags, diaper bags- you name it and she can make it. I must admit I love them. I’ve purchased at least 4 from her. They amazingly well made. The best part is they are completely you. You can use a pattern she’s already got (many of which designs herself) or if you’ve got something particular in mind- she’ll make one to your specifications.

You can decide if you want pockets inside or out, zippers or snaps, one handle or two and then there are color choices and fabric choices. The possibilities are endless. You wind up with a completely one of a kind bag- just for you. She won’t ever make two bags exactly alike. She even will make matching wallets and small zipper bags. She’s been doing this for years all because she went to find a new purse and couldn’t find what she wanted. She super talented and the customer service is great. Anytime I’ve needed anything she’s been right on it. I will say that if you have a custom design verses one she’s already made- it does take more time, but that is to be expected when she is creating the design as well. She says “I can’t guarantee nothing will ever go wrong with you bag, but I can guarantee I’ll try to fix it.” Oh- did I mention most all of her bags can be washed- especially helpful if you have 3 hooligans at home like I do.

You can find her site at http://jamiesbags.com/ she has a link there to her etsy site as well. The bags you see are just a very few of her available ones. Contact her for more pictures of what she can do. The picture here is my most recent bag that she let me help design and make with her. It’s one of my favorites. Oh- who am I kidding, they are all my favorites!! Lol


I forgot the most important part. …. (gotta love mommy brain) the price! !! Prices for bags range from $25-45 depending on size, design and the cost of fabric. She even makes bags from laminated fabric! Wallets and zipper bags from a few dollars up to around $15. Check her out.


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