Old Dogs

We’ve had our first “child” aka fur-baby for nearly 14 years. He’s an amazing dog and has been a wonderful companion and guard dog. He’s been wonderful with all three of our kids too. When he was young and we lived in MI he would play in the piles of snow just like a little boy playing soldier. He’d scrunch down in the snow and watch for his imaginary opponent and the attack. He loved going to the lake and playing in the water. I remember when we first got him we took him with us to Wal-mart. We needed 1 quick thing, so we ran in and left him in Matt’s truck (I know, I know- it wasn’t hot and we left the windows cracked). We came right back and he was gone, couldn’t find him anywhere. Then….we heard him. He’d crawled under the truck seat and had gone to sleep. The good stories I have of him are endless. But, so are the bad ones. As a puppy he sat at my feet and I thought he was chewing his bone. NOPE!! It was my bone colored heels!!

At one point he was 5 or 6 years old and he jumped up for a treat and yelped in pain. We thought we were going to have to put him down. Turns out, just arthritis and a bone spur. A little medication and he was back to himself. He’s been bothered by it ever since. Unfortunately his arthritis effects his digestive system too. I know the vet says it doesn’t work that way and my medical knowledge says scientifically it shouldn’t. But I’ve seen the proof and it does!! Unfortunately as he’s getting older, it’s getting worse. We’re gonna have to take out the carpet in our house I think.

I know we don’t have a lot of time left with him. Thankfully he’s not in a great deal of pain, he’s got cataracts and is going deaf, and his digestive system isn’t working well. I don’t want to put him down b/c it isn’t time yet. I don’t want to make him be an outside dog all the time. He’s been our baby and part of our family for so long. So at this point we just wait and see and I keep borrowing carpet cleaners from friends until we replace the carpet with laminate. Ahh the life of Old Dogs……..

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares.



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