So I said awhile back that I felt a blog post coming on, but I didn’t know how to write what I wanted….I still don’t but figure I’ve waited long enough.

1 month ago we got a call. The strange spot on my mother in law’s tongue (yes I said tongue) was cancerous. We didn’t know anything other than that. They couldn’t get her into a specialist for at least 2 weeks. My husband wouldn’t stand for that so I started researching and praying and a few well placed (read- GOD directed) phone calls she was going to M.D. Anderson. They have a center devoted to head and neck cancers. This past Wed was exactly one month to the day that we found out she had cancer- it was removed. We still have a lot of questions that we don’t have answers for, like how did she get cancer, what’s next….but what we don’t have (ok- at least me—) is worry. It’s in God’s hands and He has proven over and over again already that He will and is taking care of this.

I could sit here a list every single small little way that I know He is in control but that wouldn’t do it justice. Those of you reading this that are believers already know God works this way. Those reading it that aren’t….well all I can say is you are missing out on a security and a peace that I have in the midst of a struggle that I can’t even begin to describe. Even my children have it. They know several people who have or have had cancer. They lost a very dear friend to cancer a couple of years ago. We were very concerned about how they would handle this knowledge but we knew they needed to know. They have handled it beautifully. They aren’t scared or worried, they know with out a doubt that their God has this covered- no matter the outcome.

Our God is Great and His mercies are new every morning!!!

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



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