Am I the only one?

Ok- back ground info- I was/am a nurse. I worked for 5 years, had a family, stayed home for 9 years and now I’m back at it, doing what I call Mommy Nursing (aka- school nurse- LOVE IT). But what I want to know is am I the only mom/wife whose husband calls them to clean up anything and everything that has to do with any (and I mean any) bodily fluids that come from man or animal around the house?

For example, it’s 5:30 a.m. and he comes in the room “Sorry to wake you (yeah right) but Scout (the dog) is bleeding.” So I stumble out of bed and in 2 seconds discover she’s cut her ear. So I’m the one who has to clean her up and take care of it. I get her settled, let her in the house only to discover that she wasn’t taken care of after all and I have a new title,. CSI—following all the blood drops around the house. Did I mention we have carpet that used to be white–now, it’s nasty covered with blood drops!! Yippee. Of course he didn’t stay around to learn about all this b/c it’s the next to last day of hunting season and he and our son had to get out to the woods.

In the midst of all this Princess (7 yo dd) is waking up Monkey (4 yo dd) and saying she feels sick. Monkey freaks out b/c Scout is bleeding, she hasn’t seen any blood, has no clue what is wrong with the dog, but I said the word bleeding. Princess really isn’t feeling well and thankfully knows how to hit a puke bucket. All the while my friend Nasty Headache is creeping up behind my right eye.

Thankfully b/c of my medical knowledge I know that hydrogen peroxide gets rid of blood. So my trusty old cloth diaper, that I saved from a life of forever use as a burp rag, and giant big brown bottle have gotten to work getting rid of the blood making my house look like a slighty strange scene from a tv show. 

I swear, if Princess is feeling better by the time the boys get home (both girls finally went back to sleep) we are going to the next town over to look at getting laminate flooring!! I am SICK of this carpet. Cleaning everything with my trusty steam mop would be SO much easier.

So back to my original question–does my hubby avoid all this b/c he’s a guy, or b/c he knows I’m a nurse?? I’ll be honest, it’s a lot easier to deal with yuck when you are getting paid to do it!! lol Anyway, such is life.


Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



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