My grannie is around 87 years old. Yes, I know I’m not the world’s greatest granddaughter, I don’t know her age, and I don’t call enough. I love her to pieces though and I make sure to tell her when I do talk to her. Last week she fell and broke her hip. God blessed us though it wasn’t separated. She had surgery Sunday am. It went very well, but then she took a very long time to wake, and she seemed to be in a lot of pain while she was sleeping. It was very difficult to here my dad be so concerned about his mom and know that I couldn’t do anything. She did wake up finally, only to be given meds and put right back to sleep. Some where over the next few hours she started going downhill again. She began to hallucinate, and become very confused. Thankfully my uncles and the dr’s were on top of it. They discovered her kidneys weren’t functioning properly. The ultrasound results showed that in the last 4 weeks, one kidney had shrunk to half size and died and the other was frozen. Thankfully medicine worked and her 1 good kidney is functioning again. She is improving. She knows who people are now when she sees them and is beginning to be a bit less confused from what I hear.


Why you may ask am I making a blog post about this and telling you this long story— well because I want you to know that prayer still works and people still care. I posted on facebook about my grannie and asked for prayers. I posted on a group page I’m on also. There are people I’ve been friends with for years, and years, people I’ve been friends with for months, people I’ve never even met, all praying for my grannie. Their prayers started the first second I asked. As you can tell from the story above- they worked. She is getting better. I know logically that her time here with us isn’t going to be near as long as I like, but thanks to friends, prayers, family (especially my dad, uncles and cousins who are staying with her at the hospital) and good health care she will hopefully be with us a bit longer. Image 

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



3 thoughts on “Grannie

  1. Who would’ve thought that FB would be used as a prayer request vehicle! I know I’ve used it before that way & I’ve had friends who’ve used it that way too. I’ve read blog posts about ailing babies, bloggers & people I don’t really know & at night when I say my prayers I will usually include something for someone I’ve read about on FB or in blog posts in addition to my normal requests for blessings & safety & health for my family and friends. It’s pretty amazing in that way that a persons heart can be touched by something like that. And even if some of the stuff that is posted is fake, I figure saying a little prayer won’t hurt anyone & may help someone who thinks they don’t need help.

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