PJ Day

Today is the first Saturday in weeks, maybe even months, that we didn’t need to go anywhere!!! So (other than running to a neighbors and letting their chickens out-which doesn’t count b/c I stayed in my pj’s) we haven’t. The boys got up and went hunting, the girls decided they needed to sleep in mom’s bed since dad was already up and gone. That didn’t last long, I quickly put a movie on for them and attempted to go back to sleep.

Most of the time, even if we stay home I get dressed, and I make the kids get dressed and even though it doesn’t really matter I suggest they wear something that at least looks ok if someone should show up. Today- I didn’t care. I’m staying in my jammies so if they want to run around in their undies- WHO CARES!!! Monkey fell asleep in the clothes she wore to school yesterday, and yes she is still wearing them. I know, I know- I’m the school nurse who’s hygiene class said not to do that, but oh well, it’s the weekend and we don’t have to go ANYWHERE!!! Well, until tomorrow-

Yes, I’ll make them all take baths or showers or something so we don’t stink out the entire church tomorrow. But for now, we will relax, watch movies, eat popcorn and hang out in our pj’s or undies or whatever!!


Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



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