Do you have any food traditions (other than the normal turkey on Thanksgiving)? We did growing up. We had chili every Halloween. Potato soup and cheeseburgers every Christmas Eve, Monkey bread every Christmas Morning, and of course black eyed peas on New Year’s Day.

I’ve tried coming up with some for our family, like meatball tortellini soup on Christmas Eve, and Nacho’s on Halloween (ok, so that’s what we are having this year, lol) but I can NEVER remember from year to year what we had. Personally, I blame the Monkey, because my mom only had two kids, and she’s my third, so that must be why I can’t remember and Mom did, lol. Actually, I’d have to say it’s probably because we don’t always do the exact same thing for every holiday. We don’t have family close by so we switch which family we are with for Christmas and Thanksgiving every year and we don’t celebrate our own Christmas on Christmas day….ever. The kids don’t seem to mind because some years they wind up celebrating 5 different Christmas’s. But it does make some traditions hard to keep up with. Oh- and Meatball tortellini soup, while absolutely delicious, is way to hard to make on Christmas Eve (whenever we may have it) when you have 3 kids to round up and try to get settled in. That and once the kids discovered spinach is in the meatballs, that weren’t so keen on it, lol.

On that note- go out tonight be safe, have fun, ingest lots of candy and

Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



One thought on “TraDISHions

  1. Hey Cecily!

    What if you make your meatball tortellini soup a week or two in advance – before the Christmas rush is upon you – and freeze it! Then you can just pop it in the microwave whenever you want without all the fuss & muss.

    We always used to have chili dogs on Halloween at work because we usually dressed up but didn’t want to have to go out to eat on our lunch hour so that sort of spilled over to my family when the kids were small. For Christmas we always had Mexican Food while growing up – homemade tamales, enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans, calabacitas, sopapillas, posole – yummm meeee! So that was our family tradition when my kids were growing up too – except I bought the homemade tamales from someone at work & we learned how to make the rest. For Thanksgiving we always had the traditional turkey & fixins but my mom’s stuffing always had some heat to it thanks to some added green chile. And that is the dressing my family always asks for now that they are grown.

    It’s funny how those little things ‘make’ the holiday & the memories. 😀

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