I’m sitting here at my computer just listening. Do you ever do that? With 3 kids, multiple animals, and a busy hubby, I never know what I’m going to hear. Currently- my Monkey is singing in the shower (must mean she’s having fun). K-man is making noises in his room- I think his bionicles (or something) must be having a battle. Princess is being quiet, but I’m guessing she’s looking at a book or pouting b/c she’s supposed to be cleaning her room. Every now and then I hear the ding ding ding of my phone updating from facebook or email. Then there’s the occasional door shut, or thump from outside where Hubby is doing who knows what…At the moment, Spike, our resident rooster is keeping to himself, but every now and then I hear him announcing his presence. The dog must have just walked into the bathroom b/c Monkey was singing “who is in here, who is in here?” Oh–man, that didn’t last long, I hear it now :”Mommmm, Mommm, MOOOMMMMM.” Coming from 3 different directions. 5 minutes, that just might be a record.


Sweet Dreams and Pleasant Nightmares,



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