Day 5- Windows

Today’s Martha challenge was to clean your kitchen window and wash the curtains. I just got the window cleaned, man was it dirty!!! I opted to skip the curtains. I am going to repaint the kitchen……….sometime, and then the curtain won’t match, so why wash it….lol. The more I go thru this book, the more I want to get it repainted!! I can see it now, my nice clean kitchen with newly painted green walls…..oh and the new countertops, and new appliances….(ok, so maybe most of that is a dream, but if I’m gonna dream, I might as well dream big).

The Mary challenge had to do with priorities. I know what my priorities should be, but I wonder often if that’s what they really are, or are they skewed to fit my wants. How about you? Are your priorities where they should be?

31 Days to Clean


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