Day 4

Today I worked. So I was really glad that the challenge wasn’t too difficult. Clean your oven and microwave, inside and out. Got it done! As I was doing dinner though, lol. I figured might as well clean it before I get it dirty. I realized that I probably should have cleaned my microwave a while ago. I’m not sure how it gets so dirty….guess I just use it a LOT. It’s also amazing how dirty the front of an oven can get. Lots of little hands looking in to see what’s baking. Well, day 4 Martha challenge is done. The Mary challenge had to do with making your home comfortable for anyone who walks in, so they can feel at home. I kind of like to think that my house feels that way, that is if you can get thru the toys, laundry and junk…..On to day 5 tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a clean and comfortable house by day 31!!!

Remember if you want to follow along check out this site 31 Days to Clean.


One thought on “Day 4

  1. Thanks for the boost! I just went in a stuck the glass microwave plate in hot soapy water to soak, and then I am going to wipe down the inside after I spray it and let it sit!Great job Cecily!

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