***WARNING** Opinionated Post

Ok- before you read any farther, this is going to be a post based on my thoughts and opinions and feelings. It is not a slam or a discussion. I have the right to free speech just as anyone else does and I am choosing to use it. If you don’t agree w/me, that’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion as well and you can right your own blog post on it, but don’t write on mine please.

In today’s society we see people “standing up” for what they think is right. Things like gay marriage, and allowing Muslims to have their own place of worship in a Catholic college. But, the rest of us who happen to be the silent majority (that being our biggest problem, we are silent) are being walked all over. We are allowing our rights to be pushed over for the sake of others. If they have the courage and the right to stand up for themselves, why don’t we??

Why are we letting the good guy get taken out and the bad guy b/c they are loud and obnoxious win? Who cares if the they get upset if what they are doing is clearly wrong? Why are people allowed to lie about others and still get what they want? When did we stop listening to what is right and wrong and start listening to whoever makes the most noise and just wanting to keep them quiet b/c it might make things difficult for us? Look at the famous people in history who didn’t do that, Abraham Lincoln, Ann Frank, Harriet Tubman, the list goes on and on. Where would our society be if these people had refused to stand up? What would things be like today? It sickens me to even attempt to think of that because I am already sick by what we currently are.

We MUST speak up, we MUST stand up, we can NO LONGER be SILENT. I know I am as guilty as the next guy of not wanting to ruffle someone’s feathers, but it is time for that to end. We need to take a stand and take our lives back. I do NOT want my children to live in fear of what they know to be good and righteous and true. Therefore, I MUST speak up, I MUST stand up and I MUST NO LONGER be SILENT.



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