Happiness changes

So I just watched the class video of my senior year or high school. Oh my, do we all look young. It’s weird to think that was nearly 20 years ago!! But then I looked around me and I was surrounded by three of the most wonderful people in the world. My kids. Twenty years ago I did not picture myself living in southern MO w/3 kids, and all the critters we have. Right now my hair is being ‘fixed’ as I type, I’m helping with a Barbie game on the iPod, and listening to my son play with his dog. We had a lot of fun back then. But it doesn’t even begin to compare to the fun I’m having now. It seems so strange that back then the highlight of my week would have been hanging out w/friends or going to a game. Now, it’s the fact that my youngest can use the toilet all by herself and that we all 5 made thru a full length movie last night w/out any major issues. It’s amazing what can change in nearly twenty years. I’m so glad it did, b/c I wouldn’t be looking the face of the most beautiful red-headed monkey smiling at me right now and making fishy faces.


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