Simple Toys

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually blogged about Simple Living. So I thought it’s about time I get back to that. My kids rooms are TRASHED!! Completely and totally covered with clothes, toys, shoes and junk. I know they come by it honestly. I remember their mother getting in trouble for her dirty room more times than I can count. So the other day the Princess says to me “Mom, can I get rid of some of my toys? Then my room won’t be so hard to keep clean.” Of course I said yes, and nearly jumped out of my seat, but I was driving and figured a wrecked van wouldn’t help things any. Plus, if the truth be known—I’d probably be embarrassed if anyone saw the inside of my van, b/c it already looks wrecked…..

So yesterday Dad says “Princess, you are grounded to your room until it’s clean.” Did it work?? No, she just stayed in there all day and played. So, she’s back in there today. Only today I am going to go help. Teach her how to sort what she wants to keep and put away, vs what needs to be thrown away and given away. However, I wonder if God didn’t put me in this situation for me to learn those same lessons. As I look around my house at all the toys I have and see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

She is right though. The wisdom of children sometimes amazes me. If she had less, then there would be less to clean up. The same holds true for me. If I had less junk my house would be a lot cleaner too. But I think we get caught in the trap of stuff. Stuff to make things easier to do, stuff to make things prettier or cleaner, just stuff, stuff, stuff. So when you get rid of your stuff is it hard? For me it’s not that hard to get rid of my stuff, especially if I know I don’t use it. Where I have a hard time is getting rid of my kids stuff. My kids have a ton of stuff, way more than they need. Granted most if from gifts or yard sales, but money was spent on it and it’s hard to just get rid of it. I also think, what if the next kid (no there are no more children in my future- 3 is enough) wants to use it or play with it. The funny thing is, even though he would never admit it, my hubby is the same way. We have this kids tool/work bench. I paid $3 for it with all the tools at a yard sale. I want to get rid of it, but he keeps reminding me that the girls play with it. They do, but only rarely, and it’s just taking up space. So how do you do it? How do you get rid of the stuff with out feeling guilty and with out wanting to replace it with more? Legitimate questions here, I want to know your answers. Because I don’t have the answers.

This all reminds me of the VeggieTales movie Madame Blueberry and her adventures to Stuff-Mart. Scary thought. Well, it’s off to help the Princess now, but let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Simple Toys

  1. I wait until they are at school or away and sometimes throw stuff out, or put it in black trashbags for Goodwill. Ocassionally, I let them in on the action, but for the most part, I choose for them based on what they still play with. However, we still have a lot and could do with much, much less!

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