God knows….

I’ve been amazed (well I really shouldn’t be though…) at some of the things I’ve seen God do lately. I know many of us have very different views on how God talks to us. For me I think often it’s that voice I hear reminding me to call a friend that’s been on my mind a lot, or say a prayer for them, and things like that. Here’s what I mean…

An online friend has been battling satan and his effects in her life for quite some time now. I haven’t heard anything new on her situation in many months. But she had really been on my mind. We belonged to a forum together. Well today when I checked the forum there was a post asking if anyone had heard from her. Then when I looked at the replies- nearly everyone that knew her (around 20 ladies) had posted that they had been wondering the same thing lately. She had been on all of our minds lately. I don’t know what is actively going on in her life, but God does and He knows she needs prayer support. So I personally feel that He is the one who put her on all of our minds.

Another friend is going thru family struggles and I told her I would pray with out stopping. I hadn’t heard from her so I let her know I was still praying. She responded that her situation appeared to be improving but she couldn’t go into detail. But- God knows all those details. He reminded me to let her know I’m still praying.

Situations like these come up all the time. I have been asked many times to pray for someone or a situation with out knowing the details. I actually find that very comforting b/c I know that I don’t have to know the details. God knows them all. He knows our requests before we even ask. So listen to the still small voice and when it says “check on your friend” do it! God is talking, He knows they need you, even if they don’t. Isn’t it awesome to know that no matter what God KNOWS!!


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