Snow days!!

I remember being SO excited about snow days as a kid. My dad was a teacher so that meant we got to stay home. I remember making snowmen and snow forts out in the front yard, and the neighbor kids from across the street coming over to play. It was a blast.

Now that I’m a mom with 2 of my 3 in school I find I still look forward to them (well at least the first few anyway, lol). The last snow day the kids played great together. It was so nice to see them being friends with each other. Today—well, not so much. But!! They did let me stay in bed and read while that sat in the next room and watched a movie. Then we had a yummy breakfast complete with hot chocolate. I even managed to get them to pick up their rooms while I cooked. Of course there were a couple of breaks in there for managing scuffles which I still can’t figure out how they happened since they were in their own rooms “Just like you said MOM”…..hmmmm. They got it done and then we all played DDR while eating breakfast, and no- no one lost their breakfast. I figured this was a great way to use up some of that energy b/c Mommy wasn’t quiet so ready to go out side yet. Now it’s movie time- James and the Giant Peach!! All three, for the moment are sitting quietly watching it on the couch as I sit here typing.

On days like today I marvel at the blessings I have in my life- 3 beautiful children who are very healthy, active and energetic. A hubby who carefully travels back and forth to work on days like today so I can stay home. Then I look outside and see this

isn’t it amazing. God made 4 seasons for us to enjoy. He gave me the blessing of living here in the country so I can see things like this a much more every day!! I really don’t know how people can look at nature and not see God’s hand in every detail. We are SO blessed. I hope you get to have a nice cozy day at your home whether it’s snowing or not.


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