Ah the Simple Life

No one ever says “I want to live the over scheduled, extremely challenging, complicated and stressful life.” But that’s what we all do isn’t it. I’m as guilty as the next person on this. Last year I found myself as a stay at home mom to 3 with 1 in school, PTO president, working at Weight Watchers, in charge of meals for the sick and new mom’s at church, Sunday school teacher to 3&4th graders, cake decorator, Close To My Heart consultant, embroider and wife- UGH!!! What was I thinking!! I wasn’t- obviously. So I cut back, slowly, now I only do a few of those things and some I only do occasionally. I only have the Monkey at home this year and I didn’t want to miss out on that for anything. This is our year. She’ll start preschool a couple of days a week next year.

Of course, cutting out all that extra stuff should leave me TONS of time to keep the house up, laundry done and kids fed- right?? Noooo. Some how I manage to use my time up just the same. So I started looking for info I’d seen in the past that helped me be a bit more organized. It does work IF you use it, the trick of course is using those tips. I must admit, I’m going to give you a few more of these “simple steps” and I don’t always practice what I preach, but I do know from experience that these things do work. At one point (I think at least 1 child ago) I had it figured out and kept the house up and actually had time for fun stuff I like to do, like sewing, and scrapbooking. So here it goes a few more simple things:

  • Do 1 load of laundry a day-  throw it in to wash before you go to bed, then put it in the dryer when you wake up. Somewhere later in the day fold it and put it away.
  • Run the dishwasher every evening and empty when you are fixing breakfast
  • Set out all the breakfast stuff you can the night before (bowls, plates, cereal, etc).
  • Clean up as you cook. Use a spice, put it right back. Keep a “trash bowl” on the counter and put all your trash and peelings in it, and empty it as soon as you are done. Keep the sink full of warm water to soak dirty dishes as you are done with them
  • Make a menu. I try to make a list of dinners a day or two before payday and then I shop based on that and I can just pick and choose from it for dinner rather than sitting there trying to think of what to cook.
  • Use a timer. If you’ve got something you need to do and don’t want to- set a timer and only work on it for a few minutes, then stop where you are and move on. Repeat as many times as it takes to get it done. 
  • Make sure your Monkey has something to entertain her whenever you want to do something on the computer (you might use that timer for stuff you enjoy too- so you don’t leave that Monkey alone for too long and then she comes hunting for you, lol).

Ok- I have to admit these are not my ideas exclusively. I got most of them from these two websites which I would recommend to anyone!! The first Christian Homekeeper Network amazing place with wonderful info on many subjects. Probably one of my all time favorite places on the internet!! The second FLYlady. A great place to help those of us who seem to flit around from thing to thing all day long. There are several places out there to help you on your journey to have a simple life, but these are two that I love. Good luck! And thanks for following me on my journey to the Simple Life!!


2 thoughts on “Ah the Simple Life

  1. Count your blessings as a housewife. Never say "I am just a housewife" or "I just stay home with the kids". It is an opportunity you have to make your house into a home and shape the lives of some very special people given to you for such a short time. If I knew then what I know now, I would have used my time to stay at home when my children were young. I became an adult at a time when women were burning their bras and needed their equality. There is a bigger plan than our selfish ambitions. So, don't count the hours of work, count the hours of blessings. What you are choosing to do is the greatest work of all.

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