Simple Steps

Ok- found another definition. Simple Living = making my every day life more simple aka- EASIER!! One way I’ve discovered that helps with this is taking “Simple Steps”. Like—filling the dishwasher as I go. Because I stay home and my hubby comes home every day for lunch (another simple blessing) I have dirty dishes from 3 meals. I often wind up cooking 3 meals every day. If I take the time to put the dishes in the dishwasher right after we eat that sure makes evening kitchen clean up a LOT more simple, lol. Now- the trick is remembering to get the dishwasher emptied so I can do that. I’m still trying to find that magic time of day where I can have my kids empty the dishwasher so its ready to go when I need it and so I don’t have to empty it myself (sorry- my lazy side comes out every now and again). Other simple steps…putting my coat, purse and keys in the same spot all the time, every time I go upstairs or downstairs taking something with me that goes that direction. Taking the time (and really it isn’t that much time) to wash, dry, fold and PUT AWAY one load of laundry every day. If I do that every load is smaller and takes less time to deal with plus I don’t wind up with Mt. Washmore in my laundry room. Little simple steps make the day go round, ;-D.

The more I think about this and the more I learn it appears that to me “simple living” is going to mean making things more simple all the way around. Not just how much junk I have or how I cook, but all of that and then some.


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