Simple Blessings

In my quest to define Simple Living I’ve come across part of the definition for me. I think it means taking time to enjoy the Simple Blessings we have in our lives. Today I only needed to run two errands and not until 10:00. I had a much needed hair appointment and then I needed gas in the van. As I pulled in to get gas an older man pointed out that my rear passenger tire was low. UGH I thought- great! Then I realized- hey, I’m in the Wally World parking lot and that’s where I got the tires (Simple Blessing #1). I called the hubby and told him. Aired up the tire (we have a built in air compressor #2) and drove across the parking lot. Got there and there was a line and several vehicles ahead of mine. So I called hubby and said come get me when you come home for lunch (#3 hubby comes home every day for lunch) and then you get to pick up the kids from school (#4 he has a job where he can do that). So that means I don’t have to get out again until we go to church tonight (#5- don’t have to wake the Monkey from her nap to get her siblings). While we were there we got popcorn chicken and potatoes for lunch (#6 -didn’t have to cook lunch) and I got to visit with a friend I had talked to in several months (#7). After we got home we got the call, the tire didn’t make and has to be replaced (#8 we can replace the tire and #9 the funds are available to do so, #10- only 1 needs to be replaced, #11 there will be a discount b/c it died to early for the mileage-whatever that means). WOW- look at that 11 simple blessings in just 2.5 hours time. Make that 12- because the haircut is great too!! If we each sat down at the end of the day and focused on the Simple Blessings in our life- the small things can you imagine what a different place this world would be???


3 thoughts on “Simple Blessings

  1. My friend called me today (1st blessing), then told me today was the last day to buy my SDC season passes, saving me $62.00 (2nd), then I got a nice lady on the phone who had a terrible time with our names and made me laugh (3rd). 🙂 Just like I was telling someone else today, who wasn't very happy… Happiness is what you make of it! Keep focusing on your blessings! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful. I love this. If only we could all look at life this way. What a way to live! Wonderful food for thought Cecily. Thanks for sharing. You are another blessing we can all count!

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